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Almanac Puzzles & Pleasantries Book + Jigsaw Puzzle

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Buy our brand-new book, The Old Farmer's Almanac Puzzles & Pleasantries and get a 1000 piece Almanac Jigsaw Puzzle for only $5 more!
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Puzzles & Pleasantries

These mind-manglers will test a history buff's memory, a trivia lover's skill, a calculating mind's dexterity-and provide hours of entertainment!

This two-color, 96 page book contains hundreds of challenging anagrams, brainteasers, match games, palindromes, puzzles, riddles, witty stories and other fun pastimes, offering hours of brainteasing fun for everyone, from age 8-80!

Oh, and for those of you that may reach your wit's end without solving one of the many puzzles within these pages, we have also included a section for you, (cleverly tucked away at the end of the book) known as ANSWERS! Have fun! Printed in the USA.

Jigsaw Puzzle

In our colorful 1000 piece puzzle titled "Everything Under the Sun," renowned artist Joel Nakamura captures the timeless astronomical, agricultural, and seasonal themes of America's oldest continuously published—and most popular—annual, The Old Farmer's Almanac. Size: 24" x 30" Made in the USA. 



Almanac Puzzles & Pleasantries Book + Jigsaw Puzzle
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