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Backyard Bird Secrets for Every Season

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Sally Roth, author of, Backyard Bird Secrets for Every Season: Attract a Variety of Nesting, Feeding, and Singing Birds Year-Round, is a lifelong gardener and naturalist who spends much of her time watching birds and enjoying nature across the country.

Understanding that birds follow a cycle that depends on the seasons and the specific weather conditions, you’ll discover more about nature:

  • Comprehensive explanations of how spring rains and winter winds affect bird habits and behaviors
  • Tips for attracting birds by offering what they need in each season, such as crushed eggshells when mother birds need extra calcium for egg-laying
  • How flowering plants, shrubs, and trees attract a wide variety of your favorite birds
  • Which birds you can expect in each season of the year
  • Interesting insight into feeding routines, courtship, and mating rituals and nesting needs.

Softcover, 352 pages.

Item Number: 06BCKYRD
Backyard Bird Secrets for Every Season
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Your rating: None Average: 4.3 of 5 (3 votes)

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