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Brass Time & Tide Clock

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In today's overscheduled world, everyone needs a little help to plan ahead! Scheduling any activity that hinges on the tide becomes a simple task with this beautiful analog Brass Time and Tide Clock.

Whether your pastime of choice is bird watching or water skiing, this handy instrument makes it easy to find out not only how long until, but also at exactly what time, the tide will next be low or high*.

The Veranda Collection Time & Tide Clock is constructed of solid brass and crystal clear glass designed to withstand a lifetime of outdoor use.

The easy-to-read cream colored dial displays a standard 12-hour clock face that tracks time to the second while an attractive blue hand indicates the current position of the tide. Measures two tides per day.

Features an accompanying hygrometer and thermometer to read temperature and humidity. Two mounting options are included:

  • A swivel arm facilitates mounting so that the Time & Tide Clock peeks into any window in your home
  • A shorter S bracket allows for invisible mounting on a flat surface such as a wall, tree or post

The Time & Tide Clock’s solid, uncoated brass and hardware will never peel, flake or rust and will age beautifully into a rich patina and eventually a lovely verdigris. It contains a proven movement, is easily disassembled for necessary adjustments and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

  • Dimensions:  5.75" (146 mm)
  • Weight:  1.3 lbs (590 g)

Time & Tide Clock Owners Manual

Item Number: WPTT2
Veranda Time & Tide Clock
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Customer Reviews

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Why no item and or stock # ?

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The Time & Tide clock looks interestening. Can it handle extremems in hot and cold temps. i.e. 10 below to 105F?

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Yes. However, in the unlikely event there was a problem, the manufacturer (Conant Custom Brass, a division of Weems & Plath) has a lifetime guarantee. As a maker of nautical and weather instruments for boats, Weems crafts a quality product.

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