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Butterfly Habitat Scatter Garden

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Imagine a yard of delicately floating colors gently landing on the alluring flowers that call out to them. This Scatter Garden offers a collection of the most alluring flowers for attracting butterflies and providing the perfect butterfly habitat. Watch with a child as your yard becomes a butterfly paradise! Write down what you see with the included field guide and notes.

Covers over 125 square feet. Includes: 19 seed varieties, field guide and notes, pencil, directions. Bag 7.25 inches high x 3.5 inches wide.

Made by Potting Shed Creations, Ltd.
Founded in 1998, Potting Shed Creations, started out as the proverbial garage business. Today, it has grown into a company with customers worldwide and international brand recognition. What hasn't changed over the years is Potting Shed Creations' commitment to celebrating the art of gardening and the art of design. They believe that style and substance are not mutually exclusive, and it is their goal to make products in which the finest materials, elegant design and handmade craftsmanship converge to inspire a fresh approach to gardening. In terms of sustainability, their products are sourced with eco-friendly ingredients and natural material as much as possible.

These days, Potting Shed Creations' employees, and a few of their dogs, work/roam in a former elementary school in Troy, Idaho. The recycled school and campus provide the perfect space for Potting Shed Creations to nurture and grow its business.

Butterfly Habitat Scatter Garden
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would love to have a butterfly garden! have black thumb. my house is where plants go to die. yard is almost entirely shaded. can you help me? just retired & always wanted to plant tons of flowers.

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Sunlight is key! You may find it useful to read our article on article on "Five Tips for a Butterfly Garden" here:

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