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Diamond Willow Pocket Compass

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These unique and rustic compasses are handmade from stunning diamond willow wood. No two are alike! Diamond willow has deep rich color and lots of variations, knots, and grain character. Our pocket sized compass is perfect for hiking or gift giving. Strap one to your backpack or carry in your pocket for luck, they can take it. 

Each diamond willow compass is handmade in New Hampshire by John Arnold, a craftsman of hand carved canes and walking sticks. Before the diamond willow becomes a compass, John sands each piece multiple times and coats them three times with marine grade polyurethane.

Compasses are somewhat round and will have a diameter of about 1.25" to 2", the thickness will vary from roughly .5" to .75". Again, no two are alike. Each compass will include a brown leather strap. 


Item Number: COMPASS
Diamond Willow Pocket Compass
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Very attractive product.

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I have given my church pastor one of these compasses. Now I want to give them to our church children. They are really VERY nice, and I look forward to the time that they will again become available.

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Thank you for your comments. Please check back in about a week and a half.

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I love these, I have gotten so many compliments. Unique, crafty and local.

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