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If you grow and cut your own flowers—then you’ll love the Flower Flasket. It solves the problem of garden flowers wilting prematurely. With the Flower Flasket, cut stems go immediately into water, extending their life!

The Flasket is a harvest basket and flower vase all in one. What it does like no other is go almost anywhere without spilling. It's stable on almost any surface. Bring it with you all around your garden or your farmer’s market and set it down as needed, it won’t tip.

Inside your home, the Flasket becomes a beautiful and unique display vase. Simply loosening the knobs allows you to display your bouquets in virtually any position. Refreshing the water in your Flasket is as easy as emptying and filling a pitcher.

The Flower Flasket, an uncommonly sensible way to pick, carry, and display cut flowers from your garden or the farmer's market. Create gorgeous arrangements that last. It also works well for seasonal displays.

Includes a clear acrylic vase with wood display frame and carrying handle. Made by Maine Garden Products.


Item Number: WCL
Garden Flower Flasket
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Customer Reviews

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Please - what does the product look like??? From the pictures you have, you cannot see it! The bouquets are lovely, but I am interested in the flasket, not someone's flowers.

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What are the dimensions and can you display the flask without flowers in it so that I can view it better. However, I do like the flowers, just cannot see exactly what the whole set looks like without the flowers. Thank you.

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when will this product be in stock?
Re: flower flasket

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Your rating: None Average: 4 of 5 (5 votes)

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