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The Jeffersonian Wind Gauge

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Ever been outside and wondered just how fast the wind was blowing? The Jeffersonian Wind Gauge measures both wind speed and direction. The stainless steel pointer of the brass wind gauge is easily visible along the 0 to 40 mph scale. The cobalt blue glass counter-balance points out the wind direction on the wind gauge while acting as a damper to keep the speed indicator steady.

Each brass wind gauge includes two 14 inch brass rods plus a pressure treated wooden stake for a total height of 42 inches, as well as a hanger bolt for optional installation on a post fence or deck rail. Each wind gauge is guaranteed for life by Conant Custom Brass!

  • Dimensions:  12" (279 mm) diameter X 42" (116.8 cm) tall X 6" (139.5 mm) deep
  • Weight:  5.25 lbs (2381 grams)

About Conant Custom Brass
Founded in 1979 by Steve Conant, a preeminent craftsman with a knack for restoration and custom metal work, Conant Custom Brass quickly became “The World’s Finest Collection of Weather Instruments.” Conant Custom Brass products are marked by their:

  • Inspired designs: All of their instruments are original designs – inspired by a reverence for the weather instruments and time pieces that graced fine homes of prior generations. Using the best materials available, these products combine traditional elegance with accuracy and modern technology.
  • Living finish: Conant Custom Brass does not apply a protective coating to their products because no coating will last as long as the raw material itself.  Like many instruments of the past, these products will stand the test of time. You can be sure that since they do not plate, paint or coat their products, they won’t peel, flake or rust. Their products start with a lightly antiqued finish. Within a few months’ exposure to the elements they begin to age gracefully and develop a warm brown patina. All Conant Custom Brass products have a “living finish” that continues to enhance their genuine beauty for years to come. A verdigris finish may take up to 20 years to attain depending on the local environmental conditions.
  • Lifetime guarantee: If the performance of any Conant Custom Brass product ever falls short of your expectations, they will do everything possible to restore your confidence. All their products are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of service and value.


Item Number: WPWG1
The Jeffersonian Wind Gauge
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Your rating: None Average: 3.6 of 5 (12 votes)

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