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Handcrafted doorstop made from quality steel in Maine. Powder coated with a textured black finish that is tougher than paint. Measures roughly 8.5” wide at its base. Props open doors through its unique design, not its weight (approx. 1.5 lbs.). Takes up less room.

The haunting call of the Loon can never been forgotten by those who have heard it. When humans appeared on the North American continent, loons were there. Native Americans made a totem of the bird; to be called "loon-hearted" honored that person's courage and wisdom. Native stories described mystical connections between loons and human beings. In an Ojibwa creation story, Loon was the very voice of the Creator in spirit form. Loon loved the first man and saved him from drowning, an act of generosity that allowed the human species to survive.

Item Number: NCLOONDOR
Loon Doorstop
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