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Moon Globe

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Moon globes have been around for decades. That's true, but there's never been a Moon globe quite like this. Previous Moon globes have used artistic renderings of the lunar surface. This new globe by Sky & Telescope in partnership with Replogle Globes, is based on actual images from cameras on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) taken under nearly consistent ideal lighting conditions – 15,000 actual images to be exact. In other words, this globe is the first one that shows the Moon as it really is. The globe is illustrated with over 850 labeled lunar features including craters, valleys, Apollo landing sites, and many more. It also comes with a Sky & Telescope Moon Guide. This 12" globe also comes with a FREE stand.

Moon Globe Feedback:

"The lunar globe is truly magnificent!"

-- Mark Robinson, team leader for the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

"[The globe is] dark, as the Moon should be, and extravagantly labeled with craters, maria, and other feature names, and all the human and robotic landing sites picked out in little yellow labels (with landing dates!)...The detail is just stunning. I don't keep a magnifying glass in my desk, but I'm pretty sure that I'm seeing detail down to the limit of my ability to resolve it with the unaided eye."

-- Emily Lakdawalla, Science and Technology Coordinator for The Planetary Society

Item Number: MOONGLB
Moon Globe
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