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Alpaca Fleece Casual Classic Socks

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Warm, and breathable alpaca socks naturally wick moisture and offer superior comfort!
These alpaca fleece socks are made exclusively with baby alpaca, the finest, softest alpaca fiber available. One of the world’s finest fibers, baby alpaca is silky soft, lustrous, light and eco-friendly. What’s more, these socks are certified by the International Alpaca Association as having the highest quality alpaca fiber and content.           

Our customers’ favorite everyday socks! 
These socks will envelop your feet in comfort. Made with baby alpaca wool terry lining and a cushioned sole. Perfect for those whose jobs require them to be on their feet throughout the day, or for those who simply want to be cozy. Because alpaca fiber has a hollow core, it provides natural climate control. Your feet will breathe and be comfortable all day and all night too!


  • Small (men’s 6 | women's 6-7)
  • Medium (men’s 6-9 | women's 7-10)
  • Large (men’s 10-13 | women's 10-14)

Alpaca Sock Care Instructions
For best results, machine or hand wash in luke warm or cool water. Turn inside out to reduce pilling. No bleach. Hang dry, or tumble dry on low or no heat.

Casual Classic Alpaca Wool Socks
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Customer Reviews

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Bought a pair of these last January and am wearing them now. Would like to buy more but I need men's large. Any left?

Submitted by

I have always wanted to own Alpaca Socks and now I can at a price that I can afford!

Submitted by

The most confortable and warmest socks I have ever owned. Thank You.

Submitted by

And reason #4, they're NOT sold at Sprawlmart. I like to invest in quality things that will last a while and serve me very well. If these socks are soft, not itchy, warm, comfortable, and made in America, I think that's money well spent. And I don't make very much money.

Submitted by

we are a family of 2, making less than 43k before taxes. We would buy these socks. WHY? Because they have value in many ways - one, they are made by an AMERICAN, 2, from alpaca, which is the warmest, softest fleece I've experienced, and 3 they will last 10X as long as some cheap crappy socks from Sprawlmart or Big5 - people need to get a grip on reality - buy something of quality and it lasts when taken care of - I hate this disposable society. Get real peeps.

Submitted by

I like your way of thinking. People think they are getting good deals on cheap junk they can by at the bigbox store but that's exactly what they're junk that has to be replaced sooner than if they had bought quality to begin with.

Submitted by

I would LOVE if they went to the knee or even thigh highs!!!

Submitted by

Cruchy4Life - they do come in knee high and thigh high! Go to Mt. Caesar website! Lots of choices!

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Your rating: None Average: 4.4 of 5 (17 votes)

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