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The Old Farmer's Almanac
Monthly Magazine

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What is the Monthly?

The Almanac Monthly magazine is an entertaining, new digital magazine for your tablet or computer issued 12 times a year (about 60 pages per issue). Each Monthly issue is packed with Almanac wit, wisdom, and weather!

The Almanac Monthly will be delivered EVERY month to the mobile device of your choice or to your computer for less than $1 per issue. Only $9.99 for 12 Monthlies!  

Note: The Monthly is different from our yearly Old Farmer's Almanac (no, it's not a condensed version of the annual's content!).

  • The Old Farmer's Almanac is your long view, your full year planned out. 
  • This Monthly is what's now, what's next.  With ALL-NEW content, the Monthly is more timely (it's Monthly!) and just as fun, as humorous, and as useful.  

Still not sure what the Monthly magazine is all about? View a free sample issue (past edition)

How to Get the Monthly

  1. Click the red "Add to Cart" button above to purchase the $9.99 subscription.
  2. We'll send you information on how to access the magazine. If you are on iPad or Kindle, you will need to download a (free) app. 

    Note: If you purchase here on, your subscription price gives you access to the Monthly from all devices at the same time: an iTunes, Kindle, Google, and your computer.

​The Almanac Monthly is also available directly from iTunes, Kindle, and Google (for Android).

December 2014: What's Inside This Month's Edition?

How to live longer, success with indoor blooms, secrets of St. Nick, make your own lip balm, great cookies for swappin’—and keepin’—and more . . .

Farmer’s Calendar: how to make Christmas last longer

Calendar: the Full Cold Moon, Halcyon Days, winterberries, zodiac signs, turquoise birthstone, famous births and passings

Astronomy: explore with our Sky Map

Holiday: the legend of St. Nicholas—and how Santa Claus fits into it

Gardening: a holiday guide to indoor blooms

Food: spectacularly tasty cookies for your cookie swap (if they last that long!)

Folklore: Young Charlotte, aka The Frozen Maid (we couldn’t make this up!)

Amusement: simple rules for a longer life

Enjoy all of this plus a Weather Update and U.S. and Canadian forecasts for the month, Best Days to do things, Gardening by the Moon’s Sign, and much more in the December Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly!

Watch this video to learn more about The Almanac Monthly (sample content from a past edition)

We hope that you enjoy the Almanac Monthly! Please tell us what you like, what you aren’t crazy about, and what you want more of: We welcome suggestions from e-readers here.

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The Old Farmer's Almanac Digital Magazine - December
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Customer Reviews

Submitted by

I have a Kindle Fire and when I type in almanac monthly magazine, I get nothing. Why is that. I'm in the app store part of my kindle fire.

Submitted by

Hi Mary, Here is the direct link to the Almanac Monthly on Kindle:

We've also added a link to this page, based on your feedback.

In the Kindle store, note that they require that you download the (free) magazine app first and then prompt you to PURCHASE the magazine. Once purchased, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the full digital issue.

Submitted by


Submitted by

Is there a Canadian Digital monthly magazine? I get weekly emails now does the monthly magazine have the same content?

Submitted by

Good question. Our bi-weekly emails are about a half-page. This Monthly magazine comes out twelve times per year and contains about 60 pages per issue! The email has quick tips and deals. The magazine is filled with articles and stories as well as a weather update. The magazine is much more in-depth and a true read.
The Monthly magazine is for North America and contains both the U.S. and Canada weather updates. There aren't regional or national editions. 

Submitted by

Thanks to The Almanac I can always pick up where I left off. Even though houston doesn't provide much space I bring the garden to houston by finding inovative ways to use space wisely. The Almanac helps me become a success and envy of all my neighbors by providing amazing knowledge and up to date information and reminders. Thank you! !

Submitted by

Can't I just order a 2015 F.A. online? Why does it have to be combined with all these other issues & offers. The stores around here don't carry the F.A. so why can't I just get one from you all for $4.95 or whatever you are showing them for. I don't want a monthly computer issue. I just want the good old F.A.

Why isn't this possible?

Submitted by

Not only is it possible–We encourage it.

Just click here.

Submitted by

Before I decide to order...can I access the digital version on my nook and ipad? Thanks for your help.

Submitted by

Hi JBin SC, The Monthly magazine is available for iPad, Kindle Fire, Android tablet, and desktop. if you subscribe here, you get access to multiple devices. Hope that helps!

Submitted by

Is the monthly edition available in paperback?

Submitted by

Hi Syndee, Nope, this is a digital magazine for tablets, though you can download to your desktop and enjoy the way you are reading right now! We recognize that some folks would like a paper version, but we're only able to publish the annual book, The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac, in print at this time.

Submitted by

thank you.

Submitted by

Does this work on Android devices? All I see you reference is iPad or Kindle?

Submitted by

Yes, the Almanac Monthly is in Google Play in the App section (not in books & magazines). We've added the information to this page. Thank you!

Submitted by

Dear Sirs, can I have my farmers almanak mailed to mexico address???

Submitted by

New Mexico—yes; Mexico—no. The Almanac only covers the U.S. and Canada (special edition); consequently, we only sell in these two countries.

Submitted by

I really want this almanac, and what a great price. Can I mail order it to Canada? I can't find it in Kelowna B.C

Thanks Dee

Submitted by

very misleading! I just called to order this Halloween edition and was told it doesn not exist. ??? Why advertise a book that isn't available?

Submitted by

Hi Dee, The October (Halloween) edition of the Almanac Monthly is available. To order, just choose your option above and click on the red "Add to Cart" button. Note that the Almanac Monthly is a digital (online) magazine so it doesn't matter if you live in the U.S. or Canada. You can read it on an ereader/tablet or on your desktop comptuer. It is instant access--so no shipping.

In terms of print, at this time, we publish The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac annual book. You can find the Canadian edition here:

The annual book is a different publication. I hope this clarifies things. The Almanac Monthly is fairly new so many readers are not yet familiar with it. (We were pleased to learn that those readers who have discovered the Monthly said that they really love it, according to our recent survey!)

If you get this email, please do let us know who said that the Almanac Monthly does not exist so that we can follow up. We apologize in advance for any confusion. Sincerely, your OFA editors

Submitted by

A great publication - been around forever and a wonderful read. Thank you for keeping it relevant and 'antique' at the same time - it's the key to your success and what keeps me coming back year after year!

Submitted by

I'v read the almanac to do my garden every yr.

Submitted by

I've always enjoyed reading

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