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The Almanac said it would rain today - Umbrella

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This compact vented umbrella is emblazoned with the saying “The Old Farmer's Almanac said it would rain today.” It was engineered to defy dreadful weather, as well as withstand the stresses of daily use.

  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Generous 43” one-person vented canopy
  • Opens & closes with the push of a button!
  • Easy to carry: Measures only 12.5” when closed!
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Electrostatic painted steel shaft and ribs
  • Heavy duty construction - Wind tunnel tested
  • Canopy inversion resistance twice as strong as standard non-vented models
  • Matching fabric sleeve for storage
  • Comfortable rubber handgrip with strap

Lifetime Warranty
Each umbrella comes with complete instructions under a rib for any customer who experiences unlikely complications. If an umbrella fails due to a defect, the manufacturer, who has been making umbrellas since 1947, will repair or replace it. 

Item Number: UMBRELLA
UMBRELLA: The Old Farmer's Almanac said it would RAIN TODAY!
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Customer Reviews

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I love umbrellas that are sturdy. It's nice to find
them. Most of the time I only find cheap ones that won't hold up in a storm. Ths. :)

Submitted by

I love this umbrella - perfect size, great design, wonderful quality; not to mention - s.m.a.r.t.!

Submitted by

Love this AWESOME umbrella! It's a really great product!

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Your rating: None Average: 4.5 of 5 (17 votes)

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