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Pairpoint Irish Claddagh Suncatcher

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This Irish Claddagh suncatcher is based on the old Irish legend surrounding the fisherman Richard Joyce. Captured at sea by pirates and sold into slavery in Algeria, he became the servant of a Moorish goldsmith. Overtime, he became a master craftsman and fashioned the first Claddagh design in honor of the girl he had left behind in Ireland. The design incorporated a heart representing love, a pair of hands representing true friendship, and a crown representing loyalty and fidelity. When once again a free man, Joyce returned to Galway, Ireland and found that his sweetheart had waited for him. He gave her the Claddagh he had created and they lived "happily ever after."

Made by Pairpoint Glass, America's oldest glass company. The glass is individually hand pressed from molds that are engraved freehand with hammer and chisel. Individual variations such as bubbles and shear marks may occur caused by the process of hand gathering the glass. Approximately 4.25" in diameter. Ready to hang.

Suncatcher shown in Green

Item Number: PP120CS
Irish Claddagh Suncatcher
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