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Pairpoint Irish Shamrock Suncatcher

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The Irish shamrock suncatcher represents one of the most recognized Irish symbols. In written English, the Shamrock was first mentioned in 1571. In written Gaelic, it was mentioned in 1707 and called the "seamrog". The Shamrock plant was sacred to the Druids as its leaves formed a triad and the number three was magical in the Celtic religion. In the fifth century, St. Patrick used the Shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity to the Christians of Ireland. Over the centuries, the Shamrock has taken its place as part of the symbolism of the United Kingdom, along with the English Rose, the Scottish Thistle and the Welsh Leek and Daffodil.

Made by Pairpoint Glass, America's oldest glass company. The glass is individually hand pressed from molds that are engraved freehand with hammer and chisel. Individual variations such as bubbles and shear marks may occur caused by the process of hand gathering the glass. Approximately 4.25" in diameter. 

Suncatcher shown in green.

Item Number: PP102
Irish Shamrock Suncatcher
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