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Day in, day out, Peterboro Baskets have been made to get the job done since 1854.  The new Double Workmate continues their tradition of utility and durability.

This generous size basket is hand-woven from white ash, a New England hardwood known for its strength and beauty.  Peterboro reinforced the removable insert with a smooth plywood base that anchors 1/2" thick solid wood dividers, creating 1 large and 6 small compartments to keep everything neatly in its place.  The single stiff handle is ideal for picking up and taking this basket wherever you need to use it.


  • Keep utensils, silverware, napkins and condiments all in one place on the counter
  • On a workbench to hold tools so they are close at hand and easy to find
  • A versatile storage solution for kitchens, pantries and bathrooms with minimal cabinets or shelf space
  • A clever desktop organizer for mail, reference manuals, magazines, pens, markers, and general office supplies

SIZE: About 14.25" L x 14"W x 4"H

Handcrafted in the USA from 100% USA made materials

To further enhance its quality and beauty, each basket is finished with solid brass nails and the distinctive Peterboro Basket solid brass medallion. With checkpoints throughout the 40-step manufacturing process, you're assured of a 100% American-made product of extraordinary quality and durability that comes with Peterboro Basket Company's limited lifetime warranty.

About the Peterboro Basket Company
For over a century and a half, the family-owned Peterboro Basket Company has crafted the world's finest handmade baskets from its home in the historic and picturesque Monadnock region of New Hampshire.


Item Number: 72-1-WORK
Peterboro Double Workmate
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Now that is an interesting basket. Looks like you can fit lots of cool things in if. To expensive fot me right now. Perhaps in the future.

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