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The Predator Preventer

Your Price: $124.95

24 Hour Protection from Predatory Animals

Helps protect:
Domestic animals
Farm animals
Garbage cans

Solar powered
Weather proof
Easy installation
Portable design
Safe and effective

How It Works:
The Predator Preventer keeps wild animals from moving close and drives them away through three tier protection. It is a defense system of light, sound, and leveraging a predator's natural instincts to help protect pets, livestock, gardens (vegetable and flower), property and people. The Predator Preventer does this advanced solar, LED, and waterproof technology. 


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Item Number: PREDATOR
The Predator Preventer
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Reviews of this Product

Submitted by

what about Armadillos and squirrels? will it keep the pests off my property?

Submitted by

I have 3 of these, but have only put up one. Here's the problem - every time there is any motion on a shrub caused by wind, the alarm activates. Pretty breezy where I live, so this thing goes off at all hours of the day and night. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Submitted by

Try placing the units at least 10' away from any moving trees/shrubs.

Submitted by

We are having trouble with something getting our chickens. Is the motion sensor just from the front? We wouldn't want the chickens to set it off.

Submitted by

The sensor is forward facing. It reaches 35 feet and its coverage is 170 degrees.
~The General Store

Submitted by

Is the sound audible to humans?

Submitted by

Yes, and it is loud.
~The General Store

Submitted by

I've had trouble with a groundhog and deer eating away at my garden. The ground hog is a horrible pest. I can't bare to shoot them so this is a great humane way to keep them away. I put one on two days ago and it's working perfectly. But I have to tell you NOT to turn off the daytime protection if you're trying to keep ground hogs away. I turned it off while I was working in the garden and I shouldn't have because the SAME day I replaced my broccoli Mr. Groundhog came and ATE my 8 new plants!!! Fortunately? he doesn't like brussel sprouts (just like my youngest). After I looked at the directions again I realized that I can keep it in 24 hour protection mode and it'll turn off temporarily if it has repeated movement after the alarms sound. Then it will reset itself! Thanks Almanac for finding this one.

Submitted by

We Bought one of these units for our garden and have been nothing but satisfied with the results.

Submitted by

Thank you for taking the time to write us! We love to hear how products really work. ~ The General Store

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