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Sweetie Pie Dip Sampler

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Dip mixes to die for!

Harvest Thyme's Sweetie Pie Chocolate Moose Dip Mix
Dip fruit, vanilla wafers, or better yet chocolate wafers. Size: 1 oz.

Harvest Thyme's Sweetie Pie Gingerbread Dip Mix
A robust dip that is amazing with ginger snaps or vanilla wafers. Try dipping with fruit too. Size: 1 oz.

Harvest Thyme's Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Dip Mix
A mild dip that is amazing with ginger snaps. Try dipping with fruit too. Size: 1 oz.

Harvest Thyme products are hand-packaged to their own recipes with the freshest herbs and spices. Located in Dublin, NH, Harvest Thyme began in 1992 as a small herb shop on a quiet country road.

Sweetie Pie Dip Sampler
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