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Vermont Signature Sauces — Chipotle Cream Sauce

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This Vermont Signature sauce is the “perfect” smooth-smoky-pepper-blend. A “must” with any great beef! This gourmet sauce is also good with chicken & seafood.

It all started with accolades from happy dinner guests and two friends. Lance is a chef, and Karen loves to cook. They both realized that Lance’s versatile sauce creations infused meals with a feeling of extravagance without hours of meal preparation. They put their experiences together, and devised a way to share Lance’s most-popular Vermont Signature Sauces with you. We also have a variety of meal suggestions, and simple, easy recipes using Vermont Signature sauces! These special unique sauces truly bring the gourmet chef to your home.

Testimonials from Almanac-testers:
“A full-flavor, but very mild, and creamy. This sauce would even be a creative addition to a plate of nachos.”
“A nice blend of spicy, and creamy, gourmet flavor.”
“Nice flavorful sauce, very rich, and chipotle flavor is not overpowering, a really nice accent. This would be great with a chicken dish!”
“Oh my tastebuds! A nice kick, but not too spicy!”
“Very tasty, and delicious, try it!”

jar: 6 oz. (170g)

Sample recipe: Chipotle Ribeye

Sample recipe: Chipotle Bennedict

Item Number: VSCHIP
Vermont Signature Sauces — Chipotle Cream Sauce
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