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Willow Twig Electric Garland

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Willow twigs with lights cleverly built in!

  • Adds ambient light to any room
  • 6' Long
  • 16' Cord
  • 96 Lights
  • Use indoors or outdoors!


Item Number: 16561
Willow Twig Electric Garland
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Submitted by

I am renewing my vows with my husband April 17th and it will be in the evening. We will have an arch of some sort to stand in front of and I thought these would be beautiful. But they are only 6 ft. Do they stick up further with the twigs to where if I ran one on each side they would be able to cover the top unless I made a floral to go across the top. I just can't afford 3 plus it would be to long. If you could give me suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. is the electrical cord 16 feet. I can hide the extention cord. thank you. PLEASE CONTACT ME. Cindy

Submitted by

The twigs can be bent, spread out, and formed how you wish, but they don't really add length. As long as the arbor isn't too wide, you might be able to get by on two. Run one up each side, but start each about 2 or 3 feet off the ground or waist high. That way they will each frame your upper torso (draw the attention to your faces) and still have roughly 3 feet each to span the width of the arbor. Just have the tips meet in the middle. If needed hang a bouquet or wreath in the middle of the arbor to fill space.

What is nice about these lights is they don't look Xmas lights. They are smaller and more subtle. The 6 feet of lighted twigs look like twigs and not cord. The cord portion is much thinner than normal extension cords. Perhaps buy one, check it out, and if it doesn't meet your needs, return it.

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