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Granola has become a favorite breakfast cereal, but it can be high in fat. This doesn't mean you...
Thumbprint cookies filled with jam are a delicious treat all year long.
Third Place winner of the December 2005 Cookie Contest.
Here are kisses you’ll savor for a long time.
These easy-to-make squares have a buttery base topped with a thin layer of chocolate and nuts.
A rich, creamy, frozen dessert, topped with ground almonds and candied cherries – even better than...
Here’s a fruitcake variation that people actually love: tender frosted bars studded with dried...
From The Inn at Idlewood, Sharon, VT
Celebrate the season with these special treats – chocolate-chip cookies holiday style.
These cookies give a full measure of chocolate, bite-for-bite; sure to delight any chocoholic.
A popular cookie goes tropical with macadamia nuts and coconut.
A cookie with excellent keeping properties.
A fast seller at bake sales, these are very rich and very sweet.
Just like the famous candy – pecans, caramel and chocolate team up in this bite-sized cookie.
Bring these on country hikes or picnics. Crisp and delicious.
Take a break! These Italian-style, “twice-baked” cookies are meant to be dunked in your morning cup...
Like your brownies gooey-soft in the center and very chocolate-y? This pie is for you! Read our...
Second Place winner of Yankee’s December 2005 Cookie Contest. Variation of chocolate chip, and a...
If you can’t find wild berries for this recipe, substitute fresh local berries.
About 25 years ago, while my daughters Missy and Jody were out sledding in the first snow of the...
Wheat germ, whole-wheat flour, raisins, nuts, and chocolate chips take top billing in these jumbo,...
Zucchini adds moistness, texture, and nutrition to this traditional dessert. See more delicious...
These delicious cookies use the season’s bounty of zucchini.


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