Bagna Caulda (pronounced Bun-ya Cow-da)


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Great for cold weather it was actually an elixor in Italy, and used to “thicken your blood” so you wouldn`t catch cold in the winter. My family makes it every Christmas I can remember. It is a thick gravy-like broth that you dip bread, boc choi, cauliflower, or anything you can really think of into. Tastes wonderful! Try it once & your hooked!!!!


2 large garlic bulbs
6 tins of King Oscar Anchovies (2oz. size)
1 qt. heavy whipping cream
2 pts. half & half
1 lb of UNSALTED butter (NO MARGERINE)


I use an electric skillet. It makes it easier to control the heat.
Melt ½ the butter, & use a garlic press, or spend a bunch of time slicing the garlic very thin. 1 bulb may be enough, but hey…What the heck! Simmer this in the skillet w/ the anchiovies till they liquify. (you will need to add the remaining butter as it evaporates) You have to be constantly moving this while it`s simmering, or it will singe, or “bruise” the rue. It`ll take anywhere from 2-4 hours. keep your heat just to the point that it slowly simmers. (This is why an electric skillet works best. It`s easier to adjust the heat.) When it`s all a liquid stir in your heavy whipping cream. You will want to slowly heat this till it simmers for about 5-10 minutes. NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF IT, & KEEP IT MOVING. It is sooooo easy to mess this part up! Use the half & half by adding it as needed to keep the bagna from getting too thick, & burning. (You don`t have to nessesarily add all of the half & half it should be thick like gravy) That`s it!! Go get the dago bread, boc choi, mushrooms, & whatever else you wanna dunk in it, & enjoy. My family, & countless other Italian families have enjoyed this for generations. Now you and yours can too! Merry Christmas!!!!!

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Serves 10-15

Preparation Time: 

about a half ho

Start to Finish Time: 

3-4 hours

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Scott Spencer

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Anyone who tries this please

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