Cinnamon-Raisin-Granola Bread Pudding


2 boxes (about 4.5 ounces each) cook-and-serve vanilla puddi
2 boxes (about 8 ounces each) chai tea latte concentrate, su
1 quart milk, any fat content
1 loaf (about 16 ounces) sliced cinnamon-raisin bread, cut i
1-1/2 cups granola cereal


Combine pudding mix, chai tea latte concentrate, and milk in a 6-quart slow cooker (preferably oval). Stir in bread until all of the pieces are moistened. Scatter granola over the top. Cover and cook on low 4 to 5 hours. If your slow cooker has a warming setting, you can keep the pudding warm several hours; if it doesn't, the pudding will stay warm up to 1 hour with the cooker turned off. Serve cut into squares.


8 servings

Preparation Time: 

5 minutes

Start to Finish Time: 

5 hours

Preparation Method


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THis looks delicious but I am

THis looks delicious but I am wondering if I missed what the "2 boxes (8oz each)is?

The chai tea latte

The chai tea latte concentrate, such as Oregon Chai. Whoever typed it in hit the return key prematurely. Does sound delicious, I wonder about the calorie content.

Hi, Karalene, We fixed this

Hi, Karalene, We fixed this recipe! The calorie count wasn't mentioned by the chef, but hope you enjoy!