Southern Style-Cut Green Bean and Shelled Bean Casserole


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I love to cook and experiment. I made this to put in with my Christmas dinner this year. Nice side dish!


1 can - Cut Green Beans ans shelled beans
1 can - Mushroom soup
1 slice of American cheese
dash of salt and pepper to taste.
dash of Cayenne pepper to taste.


Get a small baking dish, oval Pyrex is best.

Open up both cans, pour beans into baking dish. Dash on salt and black pepper & Cayenne Pepper to taste. Pour in Mushroom soup, mix together. After mixed together, cut American cheese into ¼” strips, place on top of mixture in casserole dish. Place in oven and bake for about 2 hours open faced.

Happy Holidays! Good Eating!

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Count this as one of your

Count this as one of your experiments.

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