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Art & Decor

The Old Farmer's Almanac Sun Face Round Metal SignThe Old Farmer's Almanac Sun Face Round Metal Sign

Made in the USA

Cardinal ComfortmeterCardinal Comfortmeter

Measures temperature and humidity!

Flying Pig Garden Weather Vane (Polished Copper)Flying Pig Garden Weather Vane (Polished Copper)

High-quality craftsmanship.

Hummingbird Garden Weather Vane (Polished Copper)Hummingbird Garden Weather Vane (Polished Copper)

Garden decor that is anything but garden-variety.

Vermont Weather Station (Brass)Vermont Weather Station (Brass)

Measures temperature and humidity.

Art Image Copper ThermometersArt Image Copper Thermometers

Choose from 14 different images!

The Jeffersonian Rain GaugeThe Jeffersonian Rain Gauge

A useful weather instrument that can also serve as art or décor.

The Jeffersonian Wind GaugeThe Jeffersonian Wind Gauge

Measures both wind speed and direction.

Old Hancock Elm Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Elm Leaf Suncatcher

Brighten a window or a porch.

Garden Marker Set - Dream, Imagine, GiggleGarden Marker Set - Dream, Imagine, Giggle

11" Tall. Metal.


Old Hancock Birch Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Birch Leaf Suncatcher

Made in the USA

Old Hancock Dragonfly SuncatcherOld Hancock Dragonfly Suncatcher

No two are exactly alike!

Old Hancock Frog SuncatcherOld Hancock Frog Suncatcher

Buy 3 or 5 different colors & styles for best effect!

Moon Face Wall Decor (Polished Copper)Moon Face Wall Decor (Polished Copper)

Handmade from 100% pure copper!

Sun Face Wall Decor (Polished Copper)Sun Face Wall Decor (Polished Copper)

Radiates warmth and charm!

Garden Marker Set - Grow Damn It, BloomGarden Marker Set - Grow Damn It, Bloom

If they won't grow, threaten your plants!

Garden Marker Set - Simplify, Smile, RelaxGarden Marker Set - Simplify, Smile, Relax

11" Tall. Metal.


Garden Marker Set - Sunshine, Grow, EnjoyGarden Marker Set - Sunshine, Grow, Enjoy

Inspire your plants to grow.

Spirit Stake Wisdom Hose GuideSpirit Stake Wisdom Hose Guide

A stylish alternative to everyday hose guides.

Spirit Stake Passion Torch (Brushed Copper)Spirit Stake Passion Torch (Brushed Copper)

Add a dramatic focal point for entertaining outdoors.

Old Hancock Tree Leaf Suncatcher SetOld Hancock Tree Leaf Suncatcher Set

SAVE 33% over buying separately! 

Old Hancock Hummingbird SuncatcherOld Hancock Hummingbird Suncatcher

Measures a full 3" across.

Old Hancock Maple Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Maple Leaf Suncatcher

Has charm not found in machine made glass.

Old Hancock Songbird SuncatcherOld Hancock Songbird Suncatcher

Buy 3 or 5 different colors & styles for best effect!

Old Hancock Van Gogh Vase SuncatcherOld Hancock Van Gogh Vase Suncatcher

Made with a centuries old technique!

The Old Farmer's Almanac SuncatcherThe Old Farmer's Almanac Suncatcher

Handmade! Limited quantity!

Fairy Picks (large) - Set of 3Fairy Picks (large) - Set of 3

13" tall each!

Fairy Picks - Set of 3Fairy Picks - Set of 3

Invite fairies into your garden.

Katahdin Marine Rope DoormatsKatahdin Marine Rope Doormats

Choose from 7 stylish color combinations!

The Original Lobster Rope DoormatThe Original Lobster Rope Doormat

Choose from 13 nautical color combinations!

Wreath Hanger - Flamingo Wreath Hanger - Flamingo

Powder coated endure the outdoor weather


Wreath Hanger - HorseWreath Hanger - Horse

Horse Wreath Hanger



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