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Art & Decor

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner Butterfly (small)Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner Butterfly (small)

SAVE 10% Durable finish won't fade or flake.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner HummingbirdKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Hummingbird

SAVE $5 Features a mesmerizing reflection effect.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner LighthouseKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Lighthouse

This lighthouse really sends out a beacon.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun & MoonKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun & Moon

SAVE $5 Features a mesmerizing reflection effect.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun Face (small)Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun Face (small)

SAVE 10% Features an amazing gleaming finish that actually pulses.

Lighthouse Scroll Bracket 11”Lighthouse Scroll Bracket 11”

Complements our nautical themed wind bells.

Moose Scroll Bracket 11"Moose Scroll Bracket 11"

Made in the USA

Vermont Grande View Rain Gauge - BrassVermont Grande View Rain Gauge - Brass

Easy to read!

Vermont Grande View Rain Gauge - Bronze PatinaVermont Grande View Rain Gauge - Bronze Patina

Conserve water

Vermont Grande View Rain Gauge - Satin NickelVermont Grande View Rain Gauge - Satin Nickel

Lifetime guarantee!

Wreath Hanger - Star Wreath Hanger - Star

A great gift idea

Boothbay Harbor Wind BellBoothbay Harbor Wind Bell

SAVE $10 Choose from 28 different wind catchers!

Prospect Lighthouse Wind BellProspect Lighthouse Wind Bell

SAVE $10 Choose from 4 different nautical wind catchers!

North Country Moon Beam Patio AccentNorth Country Moon Beam Patio Accent

Pair it with the Sun Beam for added garden whimsy

Cardinal ComfortmeterCardinal Comfortmeter

Measures temperature and humidity!

Cow Bell SetCow Bell Set

A cow bell on a cow-shaped hanger - kitschy cool!

Welcome Sign - LighthouseWelcome Sign - Lighthouse$36.95
Welcome Sign - LoonWelcome Sign - Loon



Garden Hanger - AnchorGarden Hanger - Anchor

 Black Anchor Garden Hanger

Garden Hanger - LighthouseGarden Hanger - Lighthouse

Holds up to 10 pounds!

Garden Hanger - LobsterGarden Hanger - Lobster

Lobster Garden Hanger

Garden Hanger - SpruceGarden Hanger - Spruce

Green Spruce Garden Hanger

Flying Pig Garden Weather Vane (Polished Copper)Flying Pig Garden Weather Vane (Polished Copper)

SAVE $40 High-quality craftsmanship.

Dragonfly Extension Hangers, Set of TwoDragonfly Extension Hangers, Set of Two



North Country Sun Beam Patio AccentNorth Country Sun Beam Patio Accent

3D sun rays add to its appeal



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