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Baskets & Bags

The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden HodThe Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Hod

Harvest and wash fruits and vegetables easily

Chili Pepper French Market BagChili Pepper French Market Bag


Farmers Market French Market BagFarmers Market French Market Bag

Our charming, natural cotton French Market Bag is designed for light shopping.

From My Garden French Market BagFrom My Garden French Market Bag

NEW! Designed for light shopping.

Lemon Basil French Market BagLemon Basil French Market Bag

Rolls up easily, so it can be popped into a purse or backpack until needed

Peony French Market BagPeony French Market Bag

NEW! Useful and good looking!

Seashore Pepper French Market BagSeashore Pepper French Market Bag


Vineyard French Market BagVineyard French Market Bag

Straps can be slipped over a shoulder or used for hand carrying. Machine washable.

Wildflower Meadow French Market BagWildflower Meadow French Market Bag

NEW! Machine washable.

Reusable Shopping Totes - Biltmore TomatoesReusable Shopping Totes - Biltmore Tomatoes

NEW! Features vintage seed pack artwork.

Reusable Shopping Totes - Crate Label Reusable Shopping Totes - Crate Label

NEW! Features nostalgic fruit crate label artwork.

Designer Tote Bag HummingbirdsDesigner Tote Bag Hummingbirds

NEW! Features one design on the front and another on the back.

Designer Tote Bag HydrangeaDesigner Tote Bag Hydrangea

NEW! Features one design on the front and another on the back.

The Lobster Rope BasketThe Lobster Rope Basket

4 color combinations and 2 sizes to choose from!

Classic Peterboro Two Pie Basket Classic Peterboro Two Pie Basket

It's easy as pie to store and tote your prize winner!

Peterboro Double WorkmatePeterboro Double Workmate

Organize your desk or counter.

Peterboro Kitchen Veggie BasketPeterboro Kitchen Veggie Basket

A new slant on basket design!

Peterboro 4-Quart Gardening BasketPeterboro 4-Quart Gardening Basket

Designed with strawberry or blueberry picking in mind. 

Peterboro Deluxe Storage Basket with LidPeterboro Deluxe Storage Basket with Lid

Storage never looked so good!

Peterboro K-Cup Deluxe Coffee StoragePeterboro K-Cup Deluxe Coffee Storage

Much appreciated gift for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays!

Peterboro Regular K-Cup Coffee StoragePeterboro Regular K-Cup Coffee Storage

Perfect for those with less counter top space!

Peterboro Standard Bicycle BasketPeterboro Standard Bicycle Basket

Ideal size for all bikes, especially cruisers!


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