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Candle Holders

Lighthouse Votive WheelLighthouse Votive Wheel



Rooster Votive WheelRooster Votive Wheel



Loon Votive BridgeLoon Votive Bridge



Moose Votive BridgeMoose Votive Bridge



Dragonfly Votive GobletDragonfly Votive Goblet

Made in the USA

Hummingbird Votive GobletHummingbird Votive Goblet



Moon Votive GobletMoon Votive Goblet


Moose Votive GobletMoose Votive Goblet



Sun Face Hanging Votive Teardrop              Sun Face Hanging Votive Teardrop

Made in the USA

Twig Double Taper CandleholderTwig Double Taper Candleholder



Antique Wood Bobbin Candlestick SetAntique Wood Bobbin Candlestick Set

Made from 50+ year-old  textile mill bobbins

Dragonfly Pillar CandleholderDragonfly Pillar Candleholder

Made from cast iron.


Antique Wood Spindle Wire Heart CandlestickAntique Wood Spindle Wire Heart Candlestick

Wall mounted candlestick made from a real wood spindle from a textile mill.

Antique Wood Spindle Wire Heart Candlestick PairAntique Wood Spindle Wire Heart Candlestick Pair

SAVE 50% No one will guess how little you spent!

Log Cabin Incense BurnerLog Cabin Incense Burner

Has a real working chimney!

Reproduction 3" Wood Bobbin Candlestick SetReproduction 3" Wood Bobbin Candlestick Set

SAVE 70% Includes 6 candle holders.

Patriotic Candle Holder SetPatriotic Candle Holder Set

SAVE 50% Blocks spell: USA, God Bless America, America the Beautiful, Stars and Stripes


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