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Decorative Pillows

Cardinal Embroidered Balsam Filled PillowCardinal Embroidered Balsam Filled Pillow

Long lasting Christmas tree scent!

Pine Cones Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow - GreenPine Cones Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow - Green

The best in all-natural balsam!

Pine Cones Tapestry Balsam Filled PillowPine Cones Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow

The delightful forest smell will last for many years.

Albany Tapestry Balsam Filled PillowAlbany Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow

The Albany features fabulous stitching!

Forest Echos Tapestry Balsam Filled PillowForest Echos Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow

Made in Maine.

Howling Wolf & Moose Tapestry Balsam PillowHowling Wolf & Moose Tapestry Balsam Pillow

Filled with sustainably harvested and fragrant balsam fir.

Mosaic Tapestry Balsam Filled PillowMosaic Tapestry Balsam Filled Pillow

Classic southwest design.

Pillow - BumblebeePillow - Bumblebee

10" Square

Pillow - CarrotPillow - Carrot

15" Square

Pillow - Talk DirtPillow - Talk Dirt

20" x 15"

Pillow - The Brown HarePillow - The Brown Hare

10" Square

Sampler Embroidered Balsam Filled PillowSampler Embroidered Balsam Filled Pillow

Balsam fir pillows are known for their long-lasting scent.

Calico Cat Balsam Filled PillowCalico Cat Balsam Filled Pillow

Use as an accent pillow, car freshener, or keep the contents of drawer fresh.

Paine's Balsam Fir IncensePaine's Balsam Fir Incense

Fragrance from the forest.


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