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Dancing Pigs on ParadeDancing Pigs on Parade



Peterboro Double WorkmatePeterboro Double Workmate

Organize your desk or counter.

Vermont Desk ThermometerVermont Desk Thermometer

Accurate and entirely mercury-free.

Lobster Desk OrganizerLobster Desk Organizer

Perfect for holding letters or napkins.

Celestial Pewter and Ribbon BookmarkCelestial Pewter and Ribbon Bookmark

A wonderful way for Almanac readers to mark their place.

Crystal Reading Magnifier (4x) with Compass RoseCrystal Reading Magnifier (4x) with Compass Rose

SAVE 19% Works great for reading!


Porthole Weather StationPorthole Weather Station

Features  3 instruments: Quartz clock, barometer, and comfortmeter (humidity & temperature).


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