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Flora Exotica Memento Box NotecardsFlora Exotica Memento Box Notecards

SAVE 55% When empty, this decorative box is perfect for jewelry or special mementos.

Palm Island Memento Box NotecardsPalm Island Memento Box Notecards

SAVE 55% Contains 16 blank cards of a single design and 16 die-cut envelopes.

Secret Garden Memento Box NotecardsSecret Garden Memento Box Notecards

SAVE 55% Memento Box Notecards were a big hit with the Almanac staff!

Moss Terrarium BottleMoss Terrarium Bottle

SAVE 54% Makes a great gift and conversation starter.

Vertical Sedum Terrarium BottleVertical Sedum Terrarium Bottle

SAVE 54% Everything needed to grow tall sedum in a repurposed wine bottle.

Weems Stormglass (Chrome) in Black Gift BoxWeems Stormglass (Chrome) in Black Gift Box

Mysterious weather predictor!

Antique Mill Spindle Pen - Set of 5Antique Mill Spindle Pen - Set of 5

Great pens for teachers! Crafted from old textile mill spindles, no two are alike.

Dancing Pigs on ParadeDancing Pigs on Parade



Lighthouse & Sailboat Desk OrganizerLighthouse & Sailboat Desk Organizer

Bring back happy ocean memories.

Lobster Desk OrganizerLobster Desk Organizer

Perfect for holding letters or napkins.

Moose & Trees Desk OrganizerMoose & Trees Desk Organizer

Durable enough for outdoor use. Holds napkins too.

Peterboro Double WorkmatePeterboro Double Workmate

Organize your desk or counter.

Vermont Desk ThermometerVermont Desk Thermometer

Accurate and entirely mercury-free.

Bugs Pewter and Ribbon BookmarkBugs Pewter and Ribbon Bookmark

Made from lead-free pewter.

Celestial Pewter and Ribbon BookmarkCelestial Pewter and Ribbon Bookmark

A wonderful way for Almanac readers to mark their place.


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