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Flora Exotica Memento Box NotecardsFlora Exotica Memento Box Notecards

When all the notes have been written, this decorative box is perfect for jewelry or that special memento.

Palm Island Memento Box NotecardsPalm Island Memento Box Notecards

Contains 16 blank cards of a single design and 16 die-cut envelopes.

Secret Garden Memento Box NotecardsSecret Garden Memento Box Notecards

Memento Box Notecards were a big hit with the Almanac staff!

Moss Terrarium BottleMoss Terrarium Bottle

Makes a great gift and conversation starter.

Vertical Sedum Terrarium BottleVertical Sedum Terrarium Bottle

Everything needed to grow tall sedum in a repurposed wine bottle.

Weems Stormglass (Brass) in Black Gift BoxWeems Stormglass (Brass) in Black Gift Box

A unique gift for the home, boat or office!

Weems Stormglass (Chrome) in Black Gift BoxWeems Stormglass (Chrome) in Black Gift Box

Mysterious weather predictor!

Antique Mill Spindle Pen - Set of 5Antique Mill Spindle Pen - Set of 5

Great pens for teachers! Crafted from old textile mill spindles, no two are alike.

Lighthouse & Sailboat Desk OrganizerLighthouse & Sailboat Desk Organizer

Bring back happy ocean memories.

Lobster Desk OrganizerLobster Desk Organizer

Perfect for holding letters or napkins.

Moose & Trees Desk OrganizerMoose & Trees Desk Organizer

Durable enough for outdoor use. Holds napkins too.

Peterboro Double WorkmatePeterboro Double Workmate

Organize your desk or counter.

Porthole Weather StationPorthole Weather Station

Features  3 instruments: Quartz clock, barometer, and comfortmeter (humidity & temperature).


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