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Home Decor & More

Old Hancock Hummingbird SuncatcherOld Hancock Hummingbird Suncatcher

Measures a full 3" across.

Old Hancock Maple Leaf SuncatcherOld Hancock Maple Leaf Suncatcher

Has charm not found in machine made glass.

Old Hancock Songbird SuncatcherOld Hancock Songbird Suncatcher

Buy 3 or 5 different colors & styles for best effect!

Old Hancock Van Gogh Vase SuncatcherOld Hancock Van Gogh Vase Suncatcher

Made with a centuries old technique!

Reproduction 3" Wood Bobbin Candlestick SetReproduction 3" Wood Bobbin Candlestick Set

Includes 6 candle holders.

The Old Farmer's Almanac SuncatcherThe Old Farmer's Almanac Suncatcher

Handmade! Limited quantity!

Box Sign - Be HonestBox Sign - Be Honest

Be honest sleep well.

Butterflies Fly Box SignButterflies Fly Box Sign

Freestand or hang for wall display.

Butterflies Hook BoardButterflies Hook Board

Gorgeous and practical.

Framed Stitchery - BloomFramed Stitchery - Bloom

Bloom where you are planted.

Framed Stitchery - Let's Go In The GardenFramed Stitchery - Let's Go In The Garden

Let's go in the garden And we'll listen to the flowers sing. Sarah S. 1888

Framed Stitchery - Life's GardenFramed Stitchery - Life's Garden

Friends are flowers in life's garden.

Framed Stitchery - Plant a GardenFramed Stitchery - Plant a Garden

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Framed Stitchery - Plant KindnessFramed Stitchery - Plant Kindness

Plant kindness gather love.

Weems Stormglass (Brass) in Black Gift BoxWeems Stormglass (Brass) in Black Gift Box

A unique gift for the home, boat or office!

Box Sign - At The PlantBox Sign - At The Plant

Gardening is just another day at the plant.

Box Sign - Friends OverlookBox Sign - Friends Overlook

Friends overlook your broken fence and admire your garden.

Box Sign - Garden ForeverBox Sign - Garden Forever

Garden as though you will live forever.

Box Sign - Wet Our PlantsBox Sign - Wet Our Plants

We are so excited about the garden we wet our plants.

Lighthouse Suncatcher (Cobalt)Lighthouse Suncatcher (Cobalt)

Hand pressed from molds that are engraved freehand.

Lighthouse Suncatcher (Green)Lighthouse Suncatcher (Green)

Hand pressed from molds that are engraved freehand.

Wine Bottle Stopper by Sea StonesWine Bottle Stopper by Sea Stones

SAVE 45% Dress up your wine bottle with StoneStopper.

Box Sign - Best ThingsBox Sign - Best Things

Some of the best things are free.

Box Sign - Little ThingsBox Sign - Little Things

Enjoy the little things in life.

Box Sign - Think DeeplyBox Sign - Think Deeply

Think deeply speak gently.

Eggs Box SignEggs Box Sign

Freestand or hang for wall display.

Sticks and Stones: Solid Granite Swizzles and Drink Cooler Sticks and Stones: Solid Granite Swizzles and Drink Cooler

SAVE 50% Stir up your drink with natural New England granite.

Beer Is Proof - Wooden SignBeer Is Proof - Wooden Sign

"Beer is proof that God loves us..." Ben Franklin

Hanging Twist SuncatcherHanging Twist Suncatcher

Measures over 11" long!

Katahdin Marine Rope DoormatsKatahdin Marine Rope Doormats

Choose from 7 stylish color combinations!

Lithophane Night Light - RoosterLithophane Night Light - Rooster

Porcelain artwork that COMES ALIVE when lit from behind!

Rondel SuncatcherRondel Suncatcher

Available in 3 color combinations


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