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Cardinal ComfortmeterCardinal Comfortmeter

Measures temperature and humidity!

Vermont Weather Station (Brass)Vermont Weather Station (Brass)

Will age beautifully with nice patina and a desirable verdigris.

Art Image Copper ThermometersArt Image Copper Thermometers

Choose from 15 different images!

Brass Time & Tide ClockBrass Time & Tide Clock

Comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Porthole Weather StationPorthole Weather Station

Features  3 instruments: Quartz clock, barometer, and comfortmeter (humidity & temperature).

La Crosse Technology 616-143 Round Projection ThermometerLa Crosse Technology 616-143 Round Projection Thermometer



Grande View Bird Feeder ThermometerGrande View Bird Feeder Thermometer

Easy-to-read from a distance!


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