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Grande View Bird Feeder ThermometerGrande View Bird Feeder Thermometer

Easy-to-read from a distance!

Cardinal ComfortmeterCardinal Comfortmeter

Measures temperature and humidity!

Vermont Weather Station (Brass)Vermont Weather Station (Brass)

Will age beautifully with nice patina and a desirable verdigris.

Vermont Weather Station (Copper)Vermont Weather Station (Copper)

Guaranteed for life!

Art Image Copper ThermometersArt Image Copper Thermometers

Choose from 15 different images!

Vermont Grande View ThermometerVermont Grande View Thermometer

Numerals are double the size of most outdoor thermometers.

Brass Time & Tide ClockBrass Time & Tide Clock

Comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Porthole Weather StationPorthole Weather Station

Features  3 instruments: Quartz clock, barometer, and comfortmeter (humidity & temperature).

Veranda Heat Index & Windchill GaugeVeranda Heat Index & Windchill Gauge

What's the "feels like" temperature?

Vermont Travel ThermometerVermont Travel Thermometer

Great for traveling, hiking, or skiing!

Vermont Desk ThermometerVermont Desk Thermometer

Accurate and entirely mercury-free.

Portable Brass Weather StationPortable Brass Weather Station

Monitors both temperature and humidity.


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