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Wind-Powered Yard Decor

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner HummingbirdKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Hummingbird

Made in the USA.

Kaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun FaceKaleidoscope Wind Spinner Sun Face

Features an amazing gleaming finish that actually pulses.

Boothbay Harbor Wind BellBoothbay Harbor Wind Bell

Choose from 28 different wind catchers!

Firefighter Memorial Wind BellFirefighter Memorial Wind Bell

NEW! Great gift for the fire fighter in your life.

Prospect Lighthouse Wind BellProspect Lighthouse Wind Bell

Choose from 5 different wind catchers!

Sea Breeze Wind BellSea Breeze Wind Bell

NEW! Choose from 3 different wind catchers!

Ship's Bell Hammered Bronze Wind BellShip's Bell Hammered Bronze Wind Bell

Choose from 5 different wind catchers!


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