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Favorite Bird

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Does anyone have a favorite bird? One of mine is the wood thrush. Its song reminds me of a cool stream in a forest in dappled sunlight.

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I'm always amazed by the lightness and agility of hummingbirds, you could watch them for hours! Next year I will try plants that attract hummingbirds in my garden.

Joined: 2009-08-07

I live in an area in Arizona that is called The Hummingbird Capitol of the World. Birders come here from all over the world. As I am a “newbie”, I have hung a feeder about three feet from my kitchen window and watch the hummers every day!

Joined: 2009-08-07
My favorite is the blue bird.

My favorite is the blue bird. I just love their coloring. I had a pair lay 3 eggs and then they abandoned the nest back in the spring. Since then I've had a few lookers but no takers. Also had a family at my birdbath, but I haven't gotten them to eat from my suet. How about you all?

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Favorite bird...

I love all birds! Even the dreaded grackles that hog the feeders in my yard. :) But my favorite to watch is the bald eagle, my husband and I watch many nests here in South Jersey. To see a bald eagle in flight is the most majestic thing to watch, not to mention watching them feeding the eaglets, I can never get enough of watching those beautiful birds!

Joined: 2009-08-07

It's a tough decision, but I think that the Emu is my favorite bird looking back to visits to the local bird farm when I was a child,,,the bird farm is no longer in existence, but wild birds still seem to hang out there! The Emu's are Ostrich like birds from I think Australia.

Joined: 2009-08-07
House Sparrow

Maybe to you it is a common bird, but here in England they really are in trouble. The numbers have nose dived. Many London Parks have no sparrows at all. It is largely due to loss of nest sites. The modernisation of people of their gutterings and roofs have made them very unfriendly to sparrows. When I moved to this place 5 years ago I only had about 5-6 sparrows, now there is a flock of 35+. This by talking all my neighbours into putting sparrow nestboxes up under their eves and 365 day feeding. So you can make a difference. They wreck my coir linings in my hanging baskets and flatten plants from dust bathing but I don't mind. They give me hours of enjoyment and repay my little kindness by eating pests on my plants. I always say my garden is a 24 open cafe for any passing bird, animal or bird who wishes to visit.
After all time started in God's garden and he made the birds before he made us.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Wood Thrush

I was never good at finding birds flitting thru the woods, so I'm not one for much birding excursions.

But when I used to ride horseback in the Shawangunks just south of the Catskill mountains, I was on a little used trail along the cliffs. We passed under a low pine bough, something caught my eye, so stopped. And on the bough was a wood thrush sitting on a nest! It just stayed still and so I could really get a good look. NOW I know what they sound like! Very beautiful.

Horseback is an easy way to spy wildlife as most don't mind the horse.

Also spied a pileated woodpecker up there as well.


Joined: 2009-10-03
all birds

I don't have any bird houses up in my back yard but a couple of feeders placed in our cherry tree. I toss seed into the grass for the ground feeders, sparrows, robins, mourning doves, sometimes the cardinals, starlings, and grackles and put some into the feeders for the ones who feed there, chickadees, whitebreasted nuthatches, tufted titmouse, and then I have a feeder that I put niger seed in for the finches, purple, yellow goldifnch, and house finch. We also mostly in winter see the red-bellied wood pecker, downy and hairy woodpeckers. We get a wide variety of birds to our backyard. We also have squirrels and chipmunks that we feed too. This year for the very first time ever I had the rare priviledge of sharing our cherry tree with a few screech owls for about two months. It was close to the end of May and summer was almost here. I just happened to look out the window in the back of the house coming down the stairs one day and noticed three owls in the cherry tree just outside the window. I was in awe of them and utterly amazed that they wanted to roost in our tree. We identified what kind of owls they were. Eastern Screech Owls. The funniest things about Screech Owls is that they don't screech. They either hoot or they make a sound that sounds like the whinny of a horse. Over the next few months I would get to observe them most of the time. Only one or two of the owls would come and roost in the tree during the day and then they would come down to the lower branches in the evening and take off to hunt. You could tell they were juveniles because of their size. Also a couple of times they were accompanied by an adult who would hoot at me if I came to close to the tree. One of the juveniles I named "Hooty". On at least three occasions Hooty came down to the lower limbs of the tree so close to me that he was just an arms length away. He would look at me hopping to another branch, then to our garden swing, then back to the tree to look at me again. The last time I saw him and his sibling was toward the end of July. I haven't seen them since. It inspired me to build an owl house. I plan on putting it up soon to have it ready for next spring or even this fall if one happens to be looking for a winter home in our area. We live in a suburb that has lots of trees.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Rose breasted Grosbeak

Last week I saw a pair of these birds, I couldn't believe how pretty the "rose" color actually is...very good looking bird. Also saw a couple of female redstarts, also pretty little things!

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Favorite Bird

I enjoy watching kingfishers. We have a large pond on our property and a kingfisher lives there year-round. He is very loud and gregarious (I normally hear him befoe I see him) and its so much fun waching him sit in the trees next to the pond waiting for his next catch and then swooping down to catch them. He will sometimes fish for an hour or more! We also have a lone Blue Heron I enjoy watching as well.

Joined: 2011-08-29
Northern Flicker

Although most sources indicate it to be a fairly commmon sight, I have never seen one of these birds until I moved to a farmhouse near New Haven, IN.

Joined: 2011-10-08
The Great Horned Owl! Most

The Great Horned Owl!
Most specifically the one who lives in my yard:) She's over 2' tall and an incredibly intense creature...
Runner up's, the Hummingbird and the Red Tailed Hawk.

Joined: 2015-02-08
My favorite bird by far is

My favorite bird by far is the black capped chickadee. It's such a cute little thing and so tame. When I would put seed out they would come right up to me like pets. I also like the mourning doves because they sit all over my roof making that coo coo sound. It's very soothing.

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