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Between the cold weather and the football games on television, I have had lots of time to pore...

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Roses have changed, and it’s about time! The emphasis now is on roses grown on their own roots and... read more
Every weekend in May I shopped plant sales at local botanical gardens, arboretums, garden clubs and... read more
Looking for great garden plants? Here are plants lists and advice for different types of gardens.... read more
Did you get a container garden or potted plants for Mother’s Day? I did. The hydrangea my son gave... read more
For your raised bed garden (or any bed), here’s a way to estimate the number of plants you will... read more
Looking for garden wedding ideas? A love garden, like a relationship, benefits from harmonious... read more
Flowers bloom and fade, but foliage is forever—or at least for the season. Here’s a very attractive... read more
  Raised garden beds are fairly easy to construct and even easier to maintain. Here is advice on... read more
This flower garden plan will provide many years of enjoyment since perennials repeat each year; no... read more
Imagine a gorgeous garden drenched with color from early spring to the first frost of autumn. A... read more
Planting Tomato Seeds The National Garden Bureau has designated 2011 as The Year of the Tomato,... read more
This vegetable garden plan and plant list will please your palate! Harvesting fresh veggies, herbs... read more
Garden-raised beds, tiny plots, container gardening, and other techniques help you grow more in... read more
For the last ten days, spring has played tag with winter here, and it’s snowed four times, between... read more
Figs are a delicious treat that has tropical and subtropical origins. They thrive in areas with... read more
I’m an organic gardener and demand that my crops be free of chemicals. Apples are the most... read more
Plums are a good choice for beginner gardeners who want to grow fruit trees. Plum trees are widely... read more
Pears are a delicious treat that can be grown in a wide range of soils. Pear trees are also easy to... read more
Peaches are a well-known, delicious fruit that can be grown right at home. The trick to growing... read more
Coriander/cilantro is a fast-growing, aromatic herb that grows in the cooler weather of spring and ... read more
Kale is a hardy, cool-season green that is part of the cabbage family. It grows best in the spring... read more
Chard is a member of the beet family that does well in both cool and warm temperatures. It can be... read more
The sweet potato is a warm-season, spreading vegetable of tropical origin. It is a good choice for... read more
Cauliflower is a cool-season crop and a descendant of the common cabbage. It is more difficult to... read more
Okra is traditionally a southern U.S. plant that thrives in warm weather. It is easy to grow and... read more
A continuous supply of nutrients and fertilizer is an absolute for lush container bouquets and... read more
Container gardens are on my mind, as the winter chill is easing. I like to grow a few pots of... read more
Forget those crunchy, bland, red, pink and white radishes found on relish plates. They’re tasteless... read more
I look forward to the vivid burgundy vase-like, stinking corpse flowers of March every year— which... read more
I recently attended an interesting lecture on outdoor container gardening at The Boston Flower and... read more
Last week, there was a foot of slushy snow on the ground. Today, as I cleaned out the front flower... read more
With thoughts of crisp blue potato skins heaped with bacon bits and melted cheese, I planted my... read more
Christmas Cacti are easy to grow. When they bloom, they produce beautiful colors of pink or lilac... read more
Geraniums are a longtime favorite of Almanac gardeners. They are easy to grow, colorful, and many... read more
I’m able to trial the new flowers and plants a year or two before they come to the market.  A few I... read more
African Violets are small, easy to grow houseplants with clusters are small flowers over fuzzy... read more
Ponytail Palms are a great, long-lived indoor plant. (Despite it’s name and palm-like appearance,... read more
Wandering Jews (Tradescantias) are valued for their stripes of white, green, silver, and purple... read more
Jasmine is known for its intensely fragrant blossoms that flower all year to brighten your home.... read more
Peace Lilies are very common houseplants because they are easy to grow. They can grow up to 16... read more