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If you’re like me and can never have too many flowers, now is the time to plan a cutting garden so you can have your... read more
Mint is an invasive thug in my garden and everyone else’s.  Runners spread rapidly and can choke... read more
Thinning Vegetables 2 Thinning vegetables in the garden is a chore that lasts for most of the... read more
Wild violets (genus Viola, many species; probably escaped from cultivation) pop up everywhere and... read more
A trio of perennial plant “stars” are lighting up my drought-stricken garden this summer.  Two... read more
If you’re like me, almost every day you read reports of some new toxic threat in food, water,... read more
Thinning the vegetable and herb crops, I think, is one of the hardest jobs in the garden. Once the... read more
Pressed flowers make lovely cards, pictures, pretty boxes, and much more. Here's instructions on... read more
No, I’m not Rumplestiltskin, the cranky gnome in a Grimm fairy tale; I can’t spin straw into gold... read more
I find that getting seeds to germinate properly is the most difficult aspect of planting the garden... read more
Here are tips on how to identify, eliminate, and control the squash vine borer. What are Squash... read more
The only hybrid tea rose that will survive in my -20F winters is ‘Cherry Parfait’.  It’s beautiful... read more
I never plan ahead with my desserts unless it's a special occasion. So, the old-fashioned fruit... read more
Give your garden personality! Here are some great ideas for a garden and yard makeover from The Old... read more
Last blog I asked you what edibles you would plant if you were limited to only three.  The response... read more
A gray-bearded man in the audience stood up and asked me, “If you could only pick three edible... read more
Potatoes are a staple in our home. We don’t eat them every day, but when we do, we love them. I... read more
Red, white and blue potatoes are in the ground. Red onion sets are planted in neat rows. Gobs of... read more
April is the beginning of the busy season for me. The snow is gone and the garden beckons but the... read more
A couple days ago I spotted the first Monarch butterfly of the season on a dandelion.  Of course, I... read more
Crows can cause damage not only to your garden but also your other feathered friends. Learn some... read more
Mice can be quite a nuisance in the garden and home. Find out how to identify them and get rid of ... read more
Voles drive gardeners and homeowners crazy! Find out how to identify and get rid of them. How to... read more
I just planted ‘Jade’ cabbage and “Purple Graffiti” cauliflower plants I grew from seed amongst the... read more
A number of readers asked me about which plants are the easiest to grow, what are the ones that... read more
Planting Spinach I love spinach. When I first began gardening, I looked forward to getting the... read more
I’ve planted few beets in my gardening days, mostly to photograph them.  Other than a rare pickled... read more
Soon I’ll be up to my elbows in dirt outdoors, cleaning up beds, spreading mulch and planting the... read more
                Now is the time to plant onions indoors. If you want onions that are going to keep... read more
Last year, I dabbled in container vegetable gardening, due to shoulder surgery that prevented me... read more
Have you thought about growing your own apples, pears, and Asian pears?  They’re easy, and super-... read more
While temperatures are still frigid and days remain short, it’s time to begin to plan the garden.... read more
In the dead of winter when grocery stores offer flavorless, hard tomatoes at astronomical prices, I... read more
Amaryllis Here in New Hampshire, winters are long. The landscape is somewhat bleak (although snow... read more
Yesterday, a small heart appeared in my hand.  It’s a Russian Banana Fingerling potato that... read more
You’ve seen herbal vinegars in upscale food boutiques and catalogues, usually stoppered or corked... read more
I discovered a package of tulip bulbs on a garage shelf, behind a bag of soil sulfur, two weeks ago... read more
Buried under 25 feet of snow, coastal Alaska gobbled up the winter cold and snow we normally have... read more
When you are as busy as I am in the spring, summer and fall, winter is a time to recoup, restore... read more
New Year’s Day, I used the last of the blueberries I froze in July and August from the four shrubs... read more
Benjamin Franklin once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting... read more