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Before we built a small food-producing greenhouse to replace a collapsing south-facing porch, I... read more
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Harvest season for me started Labor Day. I spent the entire day digging up Russian Banana... read more
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In March, Tom Wagner, the tomato breeder who created Green Zebra, Banana Legs and more, sent me... read more
My gardens are filled with a plethora of perennials, flowering shrubs, annuals and dwarf conifers... read more
It’s that time of year: Friends, neighbors, coworkers, even some side-of-the-road vegetable vendors... read more
Despite drought, heat and lately deluge, cucumbers produce prodigiously. It’s their manner. I’m... read more
I’m off to pick another quart of blueberries to freeze. We’ve stuffed ourselves with berry tarts, ... read more
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