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Between the cold weather and the football games on television, I have had lots of time to pore...

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The New Year is coming. One way to honor this turning point is to celebrate the four directions or... read more
Winter solstice occurs at almost midnight on December 21, marking the official start of winter. It... read more
It’s December—time for the longest night of the year. With so little warming sunlight, it will be... read more
While most of us only think about Christmas trees in December, for growers of cut-your-own trees,... read more
No plant symbolizes Christmas quite like the poinsettia. More than 2 million of them will be sold... read more
It’s red berry time and with bunches of fresh holly leaves and berries or branches of winterberries... read more
In some places, gladiolas can be left in the ground all winter. In colder climates, though, they... read more
This Thanksgiving, display some unusual pumpkin and squash varieties.  Have you seen those warty... read more
Here are five tips for making your backyard more bird-friendly. It takes more than just hanging a... read more
November the first. You’ve unmothballed your winter sweaters and laid in a supply of hand-warmers.... read more
We finally got a killing frost in mid-October, almost a month later than usual, giving us a good... read more
Fall is traditionally the time to plant garlic in many regions. Just like onions and other plants... read more
Among only a few native North American fruits cultivated commercially in the modern era,... read more
Celery. Almost every refrigerator holds a sleeve of it. Raw, it’s a grab-and-go food, with a... read more
Are you tired of planting tulips and crocus bulbs only to have them disappear because mice and... read more
When it comes to pumpkin carving, the idea is to have fun. We’ve got tips on carving the best... read more
Once your fall crops are done, plant cover crops to add nutrients back into the soil and give next... read more
Whether you use them for carving or cooking, pumpkins do not disappoint. Note that pumpkins do... read more
For many years, I have used very dry sand to store my beets and carrots in buckets in the root ... read more
Digging potatoes has got to be one of the most pleasurable aspects of gardening. It’s buried... read more
Protect your garden from frost with the different ways through which you can reduce the amount of... read more
Why do autumn leaves change color? What type of trees—and weather—produce the most vivid fall... read more
If you get frost, it’s important to put your garden “to bed.” A thorough fall cleanup means a... read more
(Though roses are shrubs, we have categorized them with flowers since most people tend to look for... read more
See our list of deer-resistant plants to keep the hungry herds away from your garden! First, what... read more
Among the easiest-to-grow houseplants, aloe vera will decorate a kitchen shelf with quiet grace... read more
Here are tips from The Old Farmer’s Almanac on how to start your seeds indoors. Before You Start ... read more
Between the cold weather and the football games on television, I have had lots of time to pore over... read more
Mint is a perennial with very fragrant, toothed leaves and tiny purple, pink, or white flowers. It... read more
Are you new to gardening and not sure how to get started? Let us help. Here’s our quick guide for... read more
Ready to try growing your own fresh food? It’s easy and fun to lay out your garden with The Old... read more
It takes more than good soil, sun, and nutrients to ensure success in a garden. Plants have to grow... read more
Corn, beans, and squash are called the “three sisters.” Native Americans always interplanted this... read more
There’s nothing homelier—or, homier—than a steaming bowl of ordinary green/brown lentil soup. But,... read more
Discover a new kind of garden tour, the 2016 Garden-to-Table Experience! Not only will you explore... read more
If you are in need of some flowering companions to get you through the cold days of winter, look... read more
Last summer we harvested a bumper crop of Anaheim-type chili peppers, many of which I roasted,... read more
It’s winter! In central New Hampshire where I live, snow from the first big storm of the season is... read more
I had the great fortune to participate in The Old Farmer’s Almanac Garden Tour in June, 2015 and... read more
Everyone has heard of fast food but Thanksgiving is a time to think about slow food. No, I don’t... read more