El Nino Articles

November opened with cool temperatures and good snow in the West. That whoop you are hearing is... read more
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“And it rains, rains, rains, That ring of fire, that ring of fire.”  If you love country music, the... read more
California is in a horrible drought. Everyone was relieved last winter when they were told that... read more
It was so-o-o easy. Scientists would predict an El Niño. Boom—three months later, the El Niño would... read more
El Niño is coming! It’s going to be HUGE! No, it’s dying! No, it’s coming but it will be weak!... read more
With the rising price of salads, it’s harder to eat healthy. Here’s some good news—El Niño is ... read more
The Tropical Pacific is thousands of miles away from the chilly Midwest. Despite the distance, the... read more
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Today’s blog will be short and sweet. Do you want cooler temperatures and more rain? It may be ... read more
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Sometimes there is a change in Earth’s atmosphere or oceans that disrupts typical weather patterns... read more