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Are you celebrating winter with the dreaded common cold? It may be miserable, but it is showing you... read more
November opened with cool temperatures and good snow in the West. That whoop you are hearing is... read more
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One of the joys of working with weather is that I also work with satellite pictures. We have all... read more
For the first time in 91 years, wild wolves are in California. Scientists told people to expect... read more
South Carolina reported seeing a “fire rainbow” on August 16, 2015. Then two days later, a “fire... read more
“And it rains, rains, rains, That ring of fire, that ring of fire.”  If you love country music, the... read more
California is in a horrible drought. Everyone was relieved last winter when they were told that... read more
It was so-o-o easy. Scientists would predict an El Niño. Boom—three months later, the El Niño would... read more
Zip! This January, a passenger jet broke all records for crossing “The Pond”. A British Airlines... read more
El Niño is coming! It’s going to be HUGE! No, it’s dying! No, it’s coming but it will be weak!... read more
When does exploring a mystery end up sounding like a crude joke? Scientists exploring a mysterious... read more
With the rising price of salads, it’s harder to eat healthy. Here’s some good news—El Niño is ... read more
The Tropical Pacific is thousands of miles away from the chilly Midwest. Despite the distance, the... read more
It’s been cold in the South. Freezing temperatures, even snow, hit Florida. (Denver and Tampa had... read more
The US and Canada are in for a real battle this autumn. Think of it as a battle of the heavyweights... read more
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I promised several readers last week that I would write about winter. There is nothing like a heat... read more
Today’s blog will be short and sweet. Do you want cooler temperatures and more rain? It may be ... read more
This week, the largest wildfire in its history is scorching New Mexico. Nine Western states,... read more
For the first time on record, both the Atlantic and the East Pacific have had tropical storms form... read more
Here is the good news. The La Niña is vanishing. One of the major factors that shaped the autumn... read more
Despite a cool La Niña shaping global weather, here in North America the weather has been amazingly... read more
Here’s the news – La Niña, that cool pool of water in the Tropical Pacific, is back. It’s... read more
La Niña might return. The huge Pacific weather event that shaped last winter and this year’s... read more
La Niña, that trouble-making cold spot in the Pacific, is gone and now we are being told to brace... read more
On March 30, the Jerry Brown, the new governor of California, announced that the state’s three-year... read more
In Spanish, La Niña means “Little Girl”. Don’t let the cute name fool you. La Niña is one cold... read more
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