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Why do we hold Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate hot romance...

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Are you celebrating winter with the dreaded common cold? It may be miserable, but it is showing you... read more
It’s December—time for the longest night of the year. With so little warming sunlight, it will be... read more
November opened with cool temperatures and good snow in the West. That whoop you are hearing is... read more
Why do we hold Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate hot romance, in the middle of cold snowy ... read more
Here is the list of hurricane storm names that have been retired, to date. Unfortunately, none of... read more
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The El Niño is fading away! Yay! Considering the horrible weather that it brought, that’s a good ... read more
Hurricane Alex is the first hurricane in January in 75 years. How did a hurricane occur in January... read more
What are the top five coldest cities to live in the Unites States? Here’s our list (updated in 2015... read more
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It’s winter! In central New Hampshire where I live, snow from the first big storm of the season is... read more
Tornadoes roar across the USA. Giant earthquakes rip Indonesia (8.7 on the Richter scale), Mexico (... read more
I sometimes wonder why I am in the climate business. According to folklore, those leaves you have... read more
Weather folklore is a favorite among Almanac readers, and no more so when it comes to the... read more
It’s getting close to Halloween. Time to give a pumpkin to—to a polar bear. Isn’t it obvious?... read more
This contest is now closed, but we hope you enjoy these wonderful SUN photos—and we thank our... read more
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One of the joys of working with weather is that I also work with satellite pictures. We have all... read more
Mom! There’s a bear in the backyard! Californians are beginning to learn why their state flag has a... read more
In the fall, it seems that almost any warm day is referred to by most people as “Indian summer.”... read more
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