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Good bye Boy.  The El Niño is on its way out. It brought more rain in some areas plus lower summer food and cooling... read more
One of the joys of working with weather is that I also work with satellite pictures. We have all... read more
Mom! There’s a bear in the backyard! Californians are beginning to learn why their state flag has a... read more
In the fall, it seems that almost any warm day is referred to by most people as “Indian summer.”... read more
Since 1793, when The Old Farmer’s Almanac began tracking heavenly events and seasonal changes, the... read more
This is the only time on record that a parade of giant Category 4 hurricanes is strolling through... read more
For the first time in 91 years, wild wolves are in California. Scientists told people to expect... read more
South Carolina reported seeing a “fire rainbow” on August 16, 2015. Then two days later, a “fire... read more
Last week I blogged about the Southwestern Monsoon. It started early and was running strong. The... read more
July is the time of desert miracles. From Southern California to Western Texas, the wet season... read more
“And it rains, rains, rains, That ring of fire, that ring of fire.”  If you love country music, the... read more
When you think of Red, White and Blue you normally think of the flag and the Fourth of July. If you... read more
I’ve recently blogged about “blood rain” and have blogged about raining “cats and dogs”. Now it’s... read more
If you've ever been close to a lightning strike, you know just how powerful a stroke of lightning ... read more
When Texas decides to end a drought, there are no half-measures. The Texas and Southern Great Plain... read more
Ana was a rule-breaker. The Atlantic Hurricane Season is supposed to start in June.  Tropical Storm... read more
In the West the California rainy season just ended. It was dry with several grim records for ... read more
It’s nice to get a lift—but for two students in Oregon, it got pretty scary! They were in the... read more
It’s enough to make a superstitious person hide under a blanket for the rest of the year. A week... read more
California is in a horrible drought. Everyone was relieved last winter when they were told that... read more
It was so-o-o easy. Scientists would predict an El Niño. Boom—three months later, the El Niño would... read more
It’s the ultimate irony. I love to write about weather but today it is hard because I’m under the ... read more
Are you tired of the cold? Do your arms ache just thinking of shoveling snow? Have I got a vacation... read more
It rained on the grateful West Coast! Then people noticed something very weird.  The rain was ... read more
Late in January, two winter storms are tag-teaming to flatten the East Coast. Ugh! Ironically, this... read more
Remember last winter? (Shiver!) Ninety-two percent of the Great Lakes were covered with ice, the... read more
Zip! This January, a passenger jet broke all records for crossing “The Pond”. A British Airlines... read more
Ever heard of the Pineapple Express? California collects weather patterns with odd names. Does it... read more
It’s time to make a list of wishes for gift-buying relatives and elves. What do you give a hopeless... read more
For the past four months, we’ve shown you photos of clouds that might remind you of a certain... read more
The only thing more spectacular than a cold spell bringing freezing temperatures to all 50 states... read more
It’s amazing how invisible water vapor can condense into tiny water droplets or ice particles,... read more
Do you hear the swish of the Sword of Damocles overhead? Last winter I wrote about that ancient... read more
One of the largest eruptions in centuries in Iceland has been ongoing for months, flooding the... read more
Right before Halloween, Washington and British Columbia were hit by a “Zombie Hurricane”. Hurricane... read more
For the news, “If it bleeds, it leads.” That’s why you seldom hear the good news. Here’s some good... read more
Chicago, the windy—errr, snowy—city, was hit by snow during the first week of October. That’s the... read more
Clouds are always changing shape. Occasionally, they’ll morph into a familiar form, such as an... read more
If you are in Texas and the Southwest, you saw weather go from drought to flooding. Phoenix almost... read more
If you like to look for familiar shapes in clouds, you’ve come to the right spot. Every few weeks,... read more
Is autumn is in the air? What signals the change of seasons in your area? Here in New Hampshire,... read more