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The El Niño is fading away! Yay! Considering the horrible weather that it brought, that’s a good...

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The Tropical Pacific is thousands of miles away from the chilly Midwest. Despite the distance, the... read more
♫ “The cold never bothered me anyway.” ♫ If you live near the Great Lakes, “Frozen” is not just... read more
Watch overhead! A river may be coming at you. If you are in California, you will welcome the giant... read more
Having the weather woes? If you are in the East, you are probably complaining about the cold and ... read more
Imagine walking out on a cold winter morning and finding the landscape covered with icy snowballs,... read more
It’s called the PDO, the long-term weather pattern sucking the Golden State dry. Think of it as the... read more
An ancient story tells of Damocles and a sword. Damocles was a nobleman who exclaimed how fortunate... read more
It's been a cold one! Take Saturday, January 4. The the Earth’s orbit around the Sun put the globe... read more
As I write this, another storm is sweeping through the nation. Heavy snow and ice left tens of... read more
Where I live, winter temperatures are often in the single digits. Whether your area is colder or... read more
Crashes are messy. When it is crashing weather systems during the Thanksgiving Holiday it becomes... read more
Once again, South Dakota has had record-breaking snowfall, although, fortunately not the four to... read more
Have you heard the saying, “It’s an ill wind that blows no good”? It must be about hurricanes.... read more
October arrived with a bang! For the first time in modern records the US experienced a simultaneous... read more
It snowed in the Rockies last month—two weeks early. Yes, I know the folklore: “The chill is here,... read more
Do you want to hear some good news? The Arctic Ice has returned! If you were worrying about polar... read more
Once again, more than 50% of the contiguous US, where most people live, is in drought. Sigh! This... read more
It was a strange weather report: cloudy with thunder, lightning and a chance of rocks and ash. On... read more
The Atlantic Hurricane Season has been quiet.  Hurricane experts saw how hot the Atlantic Ocean was... read more
Never write a weather blog about your cat if you have a dog. It will pout. It’s never pretty. To... read more
It was the last thing I expected to see while driving through the Arizona desert—a tornado. YIKES!... read more
This year, on April 11 and June 13, the East Coast was slammed with tsunamis that almost nobody ... read more
The derecho is coming! Prepare for the “land hurricane”. “The Line Storm,” by John Steuart Curry... read more
They’re back! Noctilucent clouds, the rarest, newest and most mysterious of clouds have begun.... read more
Hello, my name is Evelyn. I am a weather addict. Maybe some of you readers are sane, sober people... read more
Though the Mississippi fought floods and thunderstorms drenched the South this May of 2013, the US... read more
Welcome to the spring of 2013! We have something for everyone. If you want cold, this is the second... read more
Who knew that tornadoes could be like Baby Bear. It can’t be too hot. It can’t be too cold. It has... read more
Spring 2013 came. So did a blizzard. The spring storm rumbled through North America, and left snow... read more
Brrrrr! It’s not a word you normally hear in sunny Southern California, but last week was not so ... read more
It’s been cold in the South. Freezing temperatures, even snow, hit Florida. (Denver and Tampa had... read more
Most “space weather” is remote – a solar flare or a geomagnetic storm that causes auroras and radio... read more
Are you cold yet? Frigid Arctic air finally arrived in the Midwest and East Coast. For those of you... read more
Being in hot water is really bad for lobsters, but it is great for tropical storms! Hurricanes are... read more
Beware the MJO! It will flood California with a “Pineapple Express” and leave most of the Midwest... read more
Did you know that originally weather services said that Hurricane Sandy would die off when it left... read more
It’s official – the Earth has schizophrenia! The North Pole’s Arctic ice pack reached record lows.... read more
The US and Canada are in for a real battle this autumn. Think of it as a battle of the heavyweights... read more
Are you already tired of the Atlantic hurricane season? Now that we have some El Niño conditions in... read more
The Bermuda High—it is as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle. In summer, it can steer tropical heat... read more