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I am fascinated by the weather – it is my hobby, my job and my passion. I love to save money,... read more
It’s autumn! It’s time for leaves to turn and, if you are in New Mexico, balloons to float.... read more
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It didn’t seem deadly in the early days. Back in the 1970s—the era of shaggy hair and bad shirts—... read more
 At 5:12 A.M. on Wednesday, April 18, 1906, an earthquake woke up residents of San Francisco and... read more
La Niña might return. The huge Pacific weather event that shaped last winter and this year’s... read more
OK—the only thing higher than July’s temperatures is the price of gasoline. So why am I on a road... read more
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My young friend from Arizona was not happy. He had served in Iraq and learned to hate haboobs. The... read more
La Niña, that trouble-making cold spot in the Pacific, is gone and now we are being told to brace... read more
This week the air is filled with smoke. I am over 200 miles from the huge Wallow wildfire in... read more
Volcanoes such as Grímsvötn are nature’s wildcard. First there is the fiery eruption , followed by... read more
While the Mississippi floods grab the headlines, Texas and the South are baking in a drought.... read more
Most springs bring April showers and May flowers. This year, springtime has brought floods,... read more
There were an estimated 305 tornadoes that swirled through the South in late April—a new record.... read more
Few things in creation are as terrifying as a tornado. A list of weather statistics can never... read more
On April 11, the Japanese government raised the Fukushima nuclear accident level from five to... read more
On March 30, the Jerry Brown, the new governor of California, announced that the state’s three-... read more
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