2017 U.S. Weather Forecast - Janice Stillman


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What’s in store for winter 2016–2017? Editor Janice Stillman gives some highlights. Order your copy of The 2017 Old Farmer’s Almanac—now available in our online store and in retail stores across North America!


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Southern Calif

So no rain for Southern Calif ? Very cold though ? What about northern Calif will they get rain ?

California weather conditions

Hi, Venice, Northern California (from around Eureka northward) will be cooler and rainier than normal. Points south of that will see above-normal rainfall in the early part of the winter—but make no mistake: the winter season as a whole will experience below-normal precipitation.Overall, temperatures in all of California will be slightly cooler than normal. In the southern areas, the spring and summer are expected to bring normal rainfall as well. So the drought is expected to continue.

Click on the forecast page fore specific information about various parts of California: http://www.almanac.com/content/long-range-forecast-2017

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