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An Almanac Minute: Valentine's Day

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Got a minute? What’s the story behind Valentine’s Day—and how it came to stand for love? Watch this video!

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Joining in a Samba Dance

By Ms.Lydia

Joining in a Samba Dance event after I get my Antibiotic Infusion done. As for anything else, a surprise for both my boyfriend and I. :)

I am married with my husband


I am married with my husband 28 years. I plan to take a trip to Dallas, TX (Spa Castle, Carrollon, TX).
I will spend our Valentine day at Spa by enjoying all kinds of spa treatment along with swimming in nice spa also. I know that I will enjoy our valentine day in Texas for sure.
I hope and pray that everybody enjoy their Valentine day too. From Elgin, OK

I sent my children cards with

By Frances Kranik

I sent my children cards with gift cards so they can go to dinner, my niece (she's canine) some homemade treats, my sister some homemade wine jelly and cards from her pets. My dear friend some cards from me and her dogs and hope to drop homemade treats off to her dogs. Otherwise at work and then alone as I have no Valentine.

I am going to spend

By Shelly King

I am going to spend Valentine's Day with my high school sweetheart. We re-united 7 months ago after 30 years. We had gone separate ways when I went to college and he went to the army. Now, true love is re-kindled and I am going to So. Dakota to warm his heart for our first Valentine's Day in 31 years!

I am allergic to roses, so I


I am allergic to roses, so I know I won't get roses from my husband (at least I'd better not get roses). Since I am laid up with a fractured ankle and leg and can't do anything, I'll just have to stay home and have my husband cook me my dinner (which he's been doing since the fracture December 28).

You will look back on a

By PamelaRainwalker

You will look back on a memorable Valentine's Day in years to come! Enjoy the pampering while you are laid up, and remember it fondly when you are back on your feet.

I "celebrate" my birthday on

By Esther Leonard

I "celebrate" my birthday on the 13th and my older brother's on the 14th - Valentine's Day. I am also a widow whose husband died young - at the age of 25 - so have no one with whom to celebrate Valentine's Day and haven't for 52 years, but it doesn't really bother me because Frank and I were never together on that date, although he did send me a couple of cards which I still have.

Still married and my birthday

By n1_4_u

Still married and my birthday is the 15th. Always a great two days! Don't know yet what we'll be doing but he never disappoints. Feeling blessed!

I plan to send homemade

By Valentina

I plan to send homemade Valentine's to friends who are special to me and to those to who are single/widowed. I'll make them for my family and hubby as well. To those who are 'single/widow' wouldn't it be nice to cheer someone up by sending a made or purchased card, it'll make you feel good too. Try putting a Valentine at someone's door Anonymously , it's sooo much fun to know you made someone smile and feel cherished! Have fun this week!

Thank you so much for this

By n1_4_u

Thank you so much for this wonderful idea. I will be doing this from now on.

I will be running my first 5K

By Mary Ann Z.

I will be running my first 5K in Myrtle Beach. My valentine will be at the finish line!

I am a widow. I spend

By Tammra Roth

I am a widow. I spend valentine's day with my puppy dog.

Spend the day, or some time,

By PamelaRainwalker

Spend the day, or some time, with someone whose company you enjoy. For me, it's my dog, two cats, and the folks and the horses at the farm where I live. Take blessings where they are; every day is filled with love and light.

I too spend it happily with

By Anna Hurlbutt

I too spend it happily with my pets! At least we have their devotion.

I am so sorry you had to

By De'Angelo Garling

I am so sorry you had to endure that. stay strong i'll pray for you. sicerily a 16 year old boy with a heart

I'm a husband died


I'm a husband died young...53..
I buy myself Red Roses,I already have them...they are beautiful and I plan to go to the Palace an have Lobster and Prime Rib...come join

working late into the

By Ronald LaCourse

working late into the evening.

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