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An Almanac Minute: The Winter Solstice

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Got a Minute? Learn about the Winter Solstice--facts, folklore, and more!

NOTE: In the year 2013, the solstice time should be 12:11 P.M. on the 21st.

Learn more about the first day of winter here.

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While I am a summer person I

By EAKitty

While I am a summer person I see the beauty of all of the seasons in all the parts of the country I have traveled to. I live in upstate NY and have not been able to see the moon in a month...nor the sunset which I enjoy track in the sky on cloudless days. The days are getting longer, the seed catalogs arrive and "hope springs eternal". Thank you Mother Nature!

Each season brings with

By Canadian Soul

Each season brings with itself something good. Winter brings snow & frost. Snow will replenish the water tables upon melting in the spring whereas frost allows mother nature to take a vacation and rewards us with maple syrup in April. A normal winter is also good for the economy since many businesses need winter to survive. Snow removal companies, firewood sellers, ski resorts, etc. So I love winter for all the good it brings to our communities.

These are the best days to

By packet40

These are the best days to walk out to the firewood heated woodshop and start or work on an existing project. As the snow swirls outside the windows, I'm surrounded with the smell of sawn lumber and a pot of soup on the stove. It's a great time to get ready for the next beekeeping season too, making a few new hive bodies. I love this time of year!

To PC Dove and Harvest Moon,

By celtblood

To PC Dove and Harvest Moon, Merry Meet and BB! We, too, shall be celebrating the Solstice, both Gard and Druid Trads, hope yours are potent gatherings as well. To everyone else, may the magick of this wonderful season, be it Solstice or Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever, infect us all with joy and love for one another... and may it last the next year through.

I love Dec. 2lst as it is the

By Joanne Jacobs

I love Dec. 2lst as it is the shortest day for daylight of the year. It kind of goes hand in hand with snowy days and nights. I love the dark nights, especially in the winter. To me, it is a reminder that "Old Man Winter" is near & I love the winter.

Once the winter solstice

By 789Shirley

Once the winter solstice arrives, it makes me glad that the days begin to get longer.
I don't enjoy the early darkness...I should probably be a bear so I could hibernate until spring.

It was pretty cold and dark

By Gertrude A Brown

It was pretty cold and dark when I lived in Northern Alberta when I was Young. Could be gloomy at times. Went to school in the dark and came home in the dark. Nowadays I live in Southern Alberta and it is quite Sunny and not so gloomy at this time of the year.

Each season's changes are

By i41mok

Each season's changes are loved and anticipated! It's a joy to finally have cold weather arrive (when you live in Texas!). And the colors of Autumn are so spectacular here in the eastern part of the state.
Love it all!

The period of time leading up

By 2snowornot

The period of time leading up to the Winter Solstice is hard on all of us. The days shorten and our body time is upset by the changing of clocks every fall forcing us to adjust twice to the shortening days. For some of us this moment, as we approach the solstice, is received as a powerful energy drain as our planet reaches the farthest point in the elipse. It is almost a sensation of the earth struggling to hold on to its orbit while preferring to just fly off away from the sun. After the 21st, not only are the days getting longer, but we are more stable as we have indeed held on to our orbit and begin cycling back towards our sun and days of light. For me and other folks sensitive to the pulls of gravity, this is a hard time and I long for December 22. And each year I wonder how many of the upsets and illnesses and stresses that are associated with this time or year are not only due to the holiday rush, but are all due to our amazing earth spinning out to its furthest point in the elipse.

I like everything about

By Linda Griffin

I like everything about winter and all the 4 seasons. Each is different but lovely. It just doesn't snow enough where I live in N.C. I guess that's why I love the mountains.

I enjoy the solstice as we

By Harvest moon

I enjoy the solstice as we celebrate the rebirth of the sun!

I enjoy the solstice as we

By Harvest moon

I enjoy the solstice as we celebrate the rebirth of the sun!

Okay ... so now that the

By RoyMartin

Okay ... so now that the birthday felicitations are delivered to WinterSolticeBaby ... I love the fall and winter. The short, short days can be a bummer, but living in Texas, the cooler weather is a joy. Spent last night in the courtyard, fire pit blazing, adult-flavored egg nogg in hand ... life is good in the Lone Star State! Blessed Christmas wishes to you all!

Winter Solstice for my group

By P. C. Dove

Winter Solstice for my group & I it is a time of reflection, it is also a time of planning for the new year that is to follow. We have a bon-fire which is started from a log that we saved from last years fire, we have a feast after the fire & ritual!! A good time is had by one and all!

The cold days and the pretty

By Wayne Hatfield

The cold days and the pretty coats, hats and the holidays the food and visits with friends.But most of all the time we set aside to celebrate the brith of Christ and the reason for coming.

Amen to that! It's too bad

By Dean Michael

Amen to that! It's too bad that Christians can't be as proud and vocal about our faith as other religions. This is the time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, what a glorious time of year.

Amen to both of you!! Thanks

By Mary beth

Amen to both of you!! Thanks for your comments! Merry ChristMass!!

My ongoing project is to

By el Ted

My ongoing project is to document 'Il tempo grigio' (It. the gray time) where the forces of gray encroach upon us starting late in November and lasting sometimes through March. It is the time of holding-on; of sheltering against the cold; of colorless drab misty days; of rising expectations.

I live in North Florida so I

By LisaLee

I live in North Florida so I look forward to Fall and Winter weather after the hot summer weather that can last 9 months or more in my region. I love the crispness in the air and I feel exhilerated and just want to be outside. It's still in the 70's in the afternoons here, a cool snap would be welcome

Oh is that me you

By olwzone

Oh is that me you can come to my NorCal location..and I will go to your location... any day!

I love the WInter Solstice as

By WinterSolticeBaby

I love the WInter Solstice as it is my birthday!!

Well Happy Birthday! (On

By RoyMartin

Well Happy Birthday! (On Friday.)

I look forward to the first

By summertime

I look forward to the first day of winter beacuse the days start getting longer again and by january 1 a minute a day longer the shortest sunsets are over by december 15

the time frame of October to


the time frame of October to about February is a bad time for me for the sun sets to soon for me. the short days make me depressed & it sometimes gets to the point where I am hard to live with. I wish I could just hibernate like many animals do.

A lot of us have trouble in

By a friend

A lot of us have trouble in the winter due to the lack of sun. I have begun to take vitamin D
supplements in the winter as we tend to lack in D the most in the winter I hope this helps.

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