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The Dirt Cure for the Winter Cough

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In 1849, a farmer prescribed a "dirt cure" for a winter cough. Watch Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer's Almanac, demonstrate this natural remedy. (Warning: humor required!)

See the Almanac's natural remedies for cough relief.

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its a joke.. they don't

By Bombshell

its a joke.. they don't really "cure" it.

it is possible there could

By preacher1981

it is possible there could be
pro-biotics in the soil or certain fungus that could have made the diff.

I'll have to try next winter

By farmerboy96

I'll have to try next winter because right now the ground in my backyard is pretty solid.

Thanks for sharing a

By Evelyn Browning...

Thanks for sharing a “dirty” secret for staying healthy. It sounds like it might be easier to dig in the medicine cabinet instead.

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