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Growing More In The Space You Have

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Most gardeners want to grow more in the space they have: a more productive garden gives a bigger harvest with less time spent weeding.

This video presents 5 tried-and-tested methods for getting more from the growing area you have. We also demonstrate how our online Garden Planner can help when planning a highly-productive garden of fruit, vegetables and herbs.

The Garden Planner is available from The Old Farmer's Almanac here: http://gardenplanner.almanac.com/



Or maybe not, I guess I was

By Jemnation

Or maybe not, I guess I was wrong. I wish I could use the link,.

Here is another way to access

By Almanac Staff

Here is another way to access the Garden Planner:


The link

By Jemnation

The link gardenplanner.almanac.com is backwards and does not work. This works- almanac.gardenplanner.com

I was able to see this video

By Linda Kurij

I was able to see this video just fine.

I saw this video just fine.

By Linda Kurij

I saw this video just fine. My sound isn't working - not for this video or anything else, and that's been going on for months.

The video is not visible to

By Rebecca Morabe

The video is not visible to be seen.

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