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Halloween: History of Carving Pumpkins

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Learn about the history of carving pumpkins—and see thousands of jack-o'-lanterns grinning at you in this video.

After you watch the above video, check out our tips on how to carve a pumpkin!


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Eeeee Gads! What a lot of

By Julianna Faucher

Eeeee Gads! What a lot of pumpkins! Such a joyous, symbolic way to celebrate the abundance we enjoy here in America. I prefer to keep Halloween slanted towards the harvest angle and not the gory. So pumpkins fill the bill! Thanks you for this video; makes me want to make the pilgrimage next year to view such an event.

Great Video !! I carve a lot

By Laurent Pidoneh

Great Video !!
I carve a lot of pumpkins, not as many as in the video.
A great Site I found is http://www.stoneykins.com.
They have thousands of pumpkin patterns, and step by step tutorials. I carved my first shaded pattern last year. by following the directions on the site.

This video doesn't seem to

By Gianna

This video doesn't seem to working that well but I will say that there are probably not that many people who know the history of carving pumpkins.

It is just something we have all done!



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